These last two years have been full of ups and downs. Quarantines, covid, car accidents, remote work, returning to the office, and training for a work merger. That’s why I’ll be focusing on balance in 2022. Balance is my word of the year.

I need to find balance for my health, both physically and mentally. These last couple of years have been confusing and mentally draining. I don’t understand how people are acting so selfishly. It just weighs down on me.

And now that I’m commuting again, it’s added back stress that I forgot about while I was working from home for over a year. Arrgh.

Balance. I need to find balance, especially through yoga and meditation. My husband even commented during the past year that I need a yoga class. The only problem is how far the studios are from where we live (Orlando is a sprawling, commuter nightmare.) What I need is to make it a regular home practice–not just a once-a-week thing.

Balance in what I eat is also needed. I will admit, I’ve gained weight during the pandemic (and before.) I’m working with my doctor to get back on track so being able to make healthier choices is going to be important in the coming year.

Balance. Mentally, emotionally, and physically. That’s my goal and my word of the year. What’s yours?