Feeling motivated and ready to tackle the projects at hand can be daunting. Just watching the clock unable to figure out how to start? An extensive To-Do list might have you focusing on the easier tasks to accomplish while avoiding the big ones. Use these 25 affirmations for productivity and to conquer procrastination.

The best way to use affirmations is to repeat or write them daily. By doing this each day, the affirmations start to seep into your soul and you move in a positive direction. If you plan to add some of your own custom affirmations remember to keep them positive. Words such as can’t, not, do not, etc., should not be included in an affirmation. Take those words out and turn your affirmation into a positive intent.

  • I can and will do this
  • I celebrate my accomplishments
  • I achieve what I need in a timely manner
  • I balance my time between things I need to do and those I want to do
  • Accomplishing what I need to do feels rewarding
  • I can do anything I set my mind to
  • I love taking action and achieving my goals
  • I am excited to work on my big goals
  • I am motivated to finish my tasks
  • I am present in this moment
  • Meeting my goals energizes me
  • Every day I will keep moving forward
  • I am a productive person
  • I am dedicated to completing my tasks
  • I am a highly disciplined person
  • I take charge and get things done
  • I am becoming a proactive person
  • Others rely on me to get things done
  • I start and finish projects with enthusiasm
  • I focus on one step at a time
  • I take action and get things accomplished
  • I am a doer
  • I am calm and focused
  • I control my time and how I use it
  • I am respectful of my commitments

If you’d like more you can find friends and family, self-care, and spirituality affirmations or ones that focus on motivation. You can pick and choose different affirmations from each list to create your own daily ritual. And if you find affirmations silly, then read what Muhammad Ali had to say about the subject.