It’s September. Your kids are off to school or college and you realize that you miss learning new things. Maybe you don’t miss teachers who slammed their pointers on your desk to wake you up or called on you when you didn’t have your hand raised. (No? Just me?) But you do miss learning new thing and studying subjects that interest you and that aren’t a requirement. What do you want to learn?

No matter the subject, there are a lot of ways that you can learn new things. Most towns and cities offer continuing education classes through their local high schools, YMCA’s or even their Park and Rec departments. I’ve seen everything from yoga to French, to ballroom dancing, to Accounting, to Fencing and so many others offered through these options.

There are also a lot of online learning options available. If you’re interested in taking college classes and even doing a degree program, you can look into Coursera. You can take college classes from teachers at some of the top universities and colleges in the world. Many are free, but there are also degree and certificate options.

Most of the Coursera classes run on a timeline just like a brick-and-mortar college. If you’d rather take a course that you can complete at your own pace, there are plenty of options for that as well. My two favorites are MasterClass and SkillShare which have yearly subscriptions that give you access to all the classes. MasterClass also offers a per-course option. I do a yearly subscription with both.


SkillShare offers a variety of classes in subjects as diverse as iPhone photography skills to animating characters to public speaking and even project management. There is even UI/UX design, interior designing, and creative writing.

There are over 22,000 classes so you’re sure to find something that you like. SkillShare even offers you an opportunity to become a teacher and share your knowledge.

There’s a monthly plan for 15.00 or a Premium plan that ends up being only 8.25 per month when it’s billed for the year at 99.00. New users can get their first month with SkillShare for free. SkillShare also has a business or Team plan that is available.


I love everything about MasterClass. The teachers, the pricing, the production value, and the level of learning that you gain. As the name implies, you are learning from the masters in their field.

Learn directing and filmmaking from the likes of Ron Howard, Spike Lee, Jodie Foster, Ken Burns or even Martin Scorsese. Learn writing from Shonda Rimes, Joyce Carol Oates, Judy Blume, Dan Brown, Malcolm Gladwell, or even Margaret Atwood.

If you want to cook, there are classes from Gorden Ramsey, Wolfgang Puck, Alice Waters, and more. You can learn from Serena Willams, Simone Biles, Steph Curry in sports, Carlos Santana, Herbie Hancock, and even Christina Aguilera in the music category. And so many more.

As you can tell, I’m a huge advocate of MasterClass. Both my husband and I are enjoying the classes. Some we participate in fully. Some we just audit. But the best part of MasterClass is the community it creates. There are opportunities to share your work, ask questions, and even collaborate with others.

With MasterClass, you can do a yearly subscription at $180.00. That one subscription price gives you access to all of the classes–over 180 classes!

I’m sure between any of these options you will find a class or two or a dozen that you want to take. What do you want to learn?