I’ve been seeing some curious vision board searches on my site and I thought I’d address some of the questions and searches that I see. Some of the answers are new but others refer you back to previous posts that actually address that particular question. I hope this vision board question and answer will provide you the information you need to create the best vision board for you.

What’s the Purpose of a Vision Board?

A vision board is a visual expression of your goals. It’s that simple. It helps you meet your goals if you can see the goals in front of you each day. In my post, Should You Have a Vision Board, I explain why everyone would benefit from a Vision Board.

I See so Many Pictures of Different Vision Boards, Which One is Right for Me?

That’s a good observation. Over the years, I’ve come to realize that there is no specific version of a vision board. Some people like to use just pictures, other people like to use just words, and some people like to be able to manipulate their vision board in some way, such as opening doors to see a goal. And then there are those who like any combination of the three.

What type of vision board works best for you all depends on your unique vision board or learning style. In Want to Know Your Vision Board Style, I even included a quiz to help you determine that style. Knowing that will, in turn, help you to create your best vision board.

How Do I Buy a Vision Board?

I’ve had this question come up before and answered it in my post, How to Buy a Vision Board. The key point here is that you shouldn’t buy a pre-made vision board that someone else created for you. But there are a lot of helpful products that you can buy that will help you make your perfect vision board.

When You Meet a Goal Do You Remove It?

There are lots of ways to handle a goal once you meet it. Many people leave it on their vision board for the year. Others, take it off and replace it with a new goal. And some like to check it off so it stands out. It then becomes a visual representation that the goals are being met and the vision board is working.

This is a personal preference and you’ll have to figure out what works for you. Personally, I either like to leave it on or check it off. I need to see that I am meeting my goals, it motivates me even more.

How Do I Get Rid of a Vision Board?

That’s an interesting question. Many people don’t actually get rid of their vision boards, they store them away. Why? Because many items on a vision board are long-term. In one year, those goals won’t all be met. And you can look back on older vision boards and see what you not only met in the past but those things that are finally coming together for you after a couple of years.

Other people like to reuse their vision boards. So they’ll remove pictures from their old board and use them on the new board.

And sadly, there are those who just throw them away. I don’t know why. Personally, I like to reuse mine.

What to Buy for a Vision Board Party

I love this search on my site. Vision Board parties are fun. If you’re going to organize a party make sure you buy enough poster board and glue sticks for each person attending. Usually, everyone is gluing at the same time so it can get frustrating if you have to wait for a glue stick.

I save magazines so I don’t have to buy extra and I ask attendees to bring some of their own. I also provide glitter glue and washi tape so people can decorate their boards. And finally, I print out, on gold paper, a lot of different affirmations and goals.

If you’re doing a lot of Vision Board parties, then order a box of scissors. If you’re just having friends over to your house then ask them to bring their own magazines and scissors.

Where can I find this information all in one place?

Ok. This is actually my question. There are numerous places. One, just check my blog under the Vision Board category. All of my posts are there.

Happy visioning in 2021 and let me know if there are any questions I haven’t answered.

This vision board question and answer will provide you the information you need to create your best vision board. #visionboard #2021goals #visionboardq&a