It’s sometimes interesting to go through my tools to find out what people searched for that brought them to my blog.  Sometimes it’s creativity or starting over, yoga or hiking.  Recently, I found over 40 queries specifically on ‘how to buy a vision board’ and my answer is you can’t.

I originally posted this in January of 2018 and at the time, I really believed that you couldn’t buy a Vision Board. And that’s because I misunderstood the question. Turns out, you’re not looking to have a Vision Board created for you. Instead, you’re not finding exactly what you need when you’re looking through magazines. You’re not finding the right pictures, words, or phrases.

And while you should not buy a premade Vision Board, it is possible to create one using the tools and products listed below. And there’s an important reason for that — Vision Boards represent your dreams and goals.  No one else can know exactly what you want, so it can’t be premade for you.  But, if you don’t want to collect all the supplies necessary for creating a Vision Board or if your not sure what you should get, here are some ideas for you.

Vision Board Wall Collage Tools

What’s a vision board wall collage? A tool I created to help you make the best vision board for yourself. Whether you actually use them on a wall, put them in frames, or cut them up to put on your vision board, these pictures hit goals and quotes and affirmations that you don’t normally find in a magazine.

To meet your needs, I created several products that you can find on Etsy including pictures, affirmations, and a journal to help you determine your goals. All can help you create the best vision board that meets your needs.

Vision Board Kit

This is an option for anyone who doesn’t want to or doesn’t have the space to collect all the supplies to create their own Vision Board.  This Vision Board Kit comes with 130 items to help you design your Vision Board.  This option is great if you don’t have a lot of room, time or patience to collect all the supplies needed to create your own Vision Board.

Bloom Planner

This is perfect for the person who doesn’t want to juggle a datebook and a Vision Board.  Far more practical to have it all in one place which is what this planner does for you.  The date book includes a 2-page monthly calendar, a mission statement with yearly goal planning pages, weekly action pages, inspirational quotes, and a monthly vision board page The most important part of this datebook is the foldout Vision Board.  While you’ll still need to create it with your own tools, it will go with you wherever you carry your datebook.  You know I love a


Tools To Make Your Own Vision Board From Scratch

For those who have the time, space, and patience to create your own Vision Boards, I highly recommend the following items to help you craft the perfect Vision Board.

I love the Moleskine Japanese fold-out notebook.  It’s one continuous page that’s folded into 60 accordion-style folds.  This is what I use.  The notebook is 3.25 x 5 inches, small enough to carry it with you.  Why do you want to carry it with you?  So you can look at your goals on a regular basis, remember them at those moments when you need to.

Need images and sayings for your Vision Board but don’t have any magazines to cut up?  Then this is the perfect product for you, Envision Boards.  There are 74 pages of images and quotes for you to cut out and use in your Vision Board.

Not everyone wants to carry around a portable Vision Board.  And sometimes you don’t want something so permanent as gluing pictures into a book or onto cardboard.  Our goals may change, either because we met a goal or our path has changed.  This corkboard is a great option to use for a Vision Board that you can easily change.  Find some colorful Push Pins and your corkboard Vision Board will look great.

Other tools can include glue sticks, glitter glue sticks, color markers, Washi tape, and stickers.  Really, anything that you want will make the perfect Vision Board for you.  Even if all you do is take a Sticky Note and write down all your goals.  If that’s how you prefer to see them, then that is your perfect Vision Board.

What other supplies would you recommend for creating your Vision Board?