Unofficially, this is known as the last weekend of summer. And if you’re a baby boomer like we are, then you remember that your first day of school was the Tuesday after Labor Day. So this weekend was usually bittersweet. Let’s catch up with the Blogging Boomers on Labor Day weekend.

Meryl Baer of Beach Boomer Bulletin laments that she has not exercised much recently. To correct this problem, she climbed on her bike and cycled around town, not realizing how crowded her town became on the Labor Day weekend. She summarizes her ride in this week’s post, Cycling Around Town on a Holiday Weekend.

On The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide, Rita R. Robison, consumer, and personal finance journalist, writes about Labor Day: facts and figureswhat’s on sale, and travel close to home. Avoid crowds, wear a mask, and stay safe. 

Tom at Sightings Over Sixty recalls reading that there is one key issue that predicts whether a couple will get divorced or not. Now he wonders in Held in Contempt if this same element is beginning to infect American politics today — and if so, what we can do about it. 

Rebecca Olkowski with BabyBoomster.com interviewed Billy Bio, founder of the rock band Biohazard, and two teachers he has partnered with who started a new business selling street-style socks. The company’s mission is to give those in need a pair of socks for each pair of socks sold. Read her post and watch her video interview here.

There is another annual anniversary this week and this time of year always reminds Laurie Stone of Musings, Rants & Scribbles about a certain anniversary dinner in the North Tower of the World Trade Center, so long ago.

Whether it’s Covid or some other condition, thoughts and emotions float around and sometimes can stress patients out to the max. Fear, anxiety, worry–they must be expressed. Sometimes, an uninvolved listener is hard to find. Which is why Carol Cassara’s guided journal over at A Healing Spirit is much appreciated by everyone who has received one as a gift–or gifted themselves with one.

And because it can’t be all bittersweet and pandemic, here’s a throwback to one of my Mommyism posts, Don’t Wear White after Labor Day.