It’s been a whirlwind week within a whirlwind month! Never in my life have I worked so hard to get a needle in my arm. It’s not the only new thing I’ve been working on, but it’s the one that gives me the most relief. Here’s an update on my ongoing story of new things I’ve been doing during my 59th year.

The Shot First

I spent all week looking for ways to get a needle in my arm. Which made me laugh when I remembered how hard I used to avoid getting a needle when I was a child. I used to run away from my Doctor. He had a table in the middle of the room and I remember him having to chase me around it. Then I got cornered by my mother and the doctor so I hid underneath the table. Until he told me he was going to put the needle in my butt if I didn’t come out.

But, at 59, I’m running to the needle not away from it. Spent all week trying to sign up for a Covid vaccine. I’m sure there are others who searched longer. It’s not easy. You have to sign onto a website at a specific time to get in line, fill out your information, and then find out all the timeslots are taken. And then repeat. Each day.

I did that each day. Even looked at various times during the day. Most times, my county wouldn’t even be listed. But the rare times it came up, I jumped on it. I even tried the Publix market and Walmart options that they had, but they were all filled up too.

And then I remembered that CVS was also doing vaccines. When I logged onto that site on Saturday at 6 am, there were openings for Sunday. Just like that. I’ve now got the first shot under my belt and an appointment for the second. If you’re wondering where my husband was in all of this…he’s already got his two completed because he works at a senior living facility. He was done in February. I’ll be done in April.

(On a side note, just a little sad that I don’t get to say I got the Dolly. I really wanted to say that.)

A Vision Board Shop

The other new thing I was working on in March was creating an Etsy shop to sell Vision Board supplies. I found that a lot of searches on my blog were people looking to buy a vision board. At first, I thought they were looking for a pre-made vision board, which is something that you really shouldn’t do…how can anyone create a vision board of your goals and dreams?

But then I realized that people didn’t want a pre-made board, they just weren’t finding the right supplies to make one that works for them. So I created wall collage packs of 5×7 photo prints that include affirmations and quotes. There’s also a 33-page journal of questions that will help guide you to your goals, and coming soon, the quiz to determine your vision board style.

During the process, I learned how to create my own prints and pintables. I even had my 70-photo wall collage printed through Amazon so I could put it on my own wall to take pictures. Lots of firsts with this project and I’m pleased with how the photos came out.

I still have additional items that I need to make for the shop and things I want to do on the blog for the shop.

What Else?

Pretty exciting month, plus Chris, Jess, and the girls, and I went to visit a new bakery in Orlando called the Picasso Moments Bakery. If you’re in the Orlando area, I highly recommend the Cream Cheese Bread. Yes, it’s a thing. And it’s delicious!