I hope you’ve had a chance to try a couple of the meditations that I’ve suggested. But I know some of you are thinking that Meditation is so hard; what else can I try? Anything. Try anything meditation-related. It’s important, and it’s important that you keep trying until you find something that works for you. In this last post, I’m going to share a Walking Meditation (yes, you can do both at the same time) as well as mantra meditation and some apps that will assist you with meditating.

First is the Walking Meditation. I’m not going to write about it here because I have a previous post, Are You on the Path of Meditation, that gives specific instructions. What I will say is that I love doing this one when I’m walking or hiking a familiar path. Sometimes I even use the counting technique from this walking meditation while I’m doing a seated one.

Meditation Apps and Websites

I love using different apps and websites that are available for meditation. Some are just timers, and some are guided meditations that will keep you focused or guide you during your meditation.

My favorite App is the Insight Timer. If all you do is use the timer aspect, you’ll still gain experience. You can set up your timer to use bells or chimes, or gongs to take you into and out of your meditations. There are also guided meditations for almost any category you can think of. There’s a guided one for Finding Calm and Serenity led by Russell Brand! There are 60,000 free (yes, free!) guided meditations. You should be able to find one that you connect with. There is also a paid aspect to this app, but you’ll be able to find a lot of options that are free.

There’s also the HeadSpace app. You can try it free for seven days, and it’s very popular. There are different guided meditations and small bite stories to get your day going on a positive note.

Another app is Calm. It’s been downloaded by over 75 million people, and they’re currently working on expanding their website options so it won’t just be an app. They even have an option for businesses to bring calm into their workplace.

There are many other apps in both Android and iOS play stores. Just search for meditation and find something that you connect with. Or search online for meditation options and/or teachers. Nothing beats going to a class to learn more about meditating, I’ve taken several. There is also one on one teaching available.

One of my favorite guided meditations is the Golden Light meditation offered by White Crane online. It’s a short meditation, only 7 minutes long, but boosts your energy in a positive manner.

Mantra Meditation

One other form of meditation is mantra meditation. It’s using words or phrases to focus your attention. You might say that the Counting Meditation is itself a mantra meditation because you’re repeating the same numbers over and over. Mantras can be spoken or chanted, or even repeated in your mind instead of out loud.

Some famous mantras include Alleluia, Om Namah Shivaya, Om, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti, and others. Robert Gass has a CD Enchanted: Best Of Robert Gass that includes a beautiful rendition of the Alleluia chant.

The Green Tara mantra is recommended by the Dali Llama as something to chant during troubling times like now. Tara is considered the Mother of Liberation and is seen as a bodhisattva of compassion and action. Her green form represents peacefulness and enlightenment. The Tara mantra is oṃ tāre tuttāre ture svāhā. A beautiful rendition by Deva Premal is Om Tare Tuttare, which is below. The Tibetan version is oṃ tāre tu tāre ture soha as heard in the Green Tara mantra by the Dali Llama.

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