It’s been a long year. And with Christmas and the new year upon us, I know that a lot of us just want to jump into January 2021 with renewed energy, revved up, and ready to smash all those goals we put aside in 2020. But is that what we really should be doing?

With a pandemic still in full swing, and winter Covid surges still surging, and vaccines that most people won’t get until March or later, I think we need to take it slow and build ourselves back up.

Let’s face it. We’re tired. Many of us have been playing hooky from our healthy lifestyles, workout routines, and other goals that were so on track in January and February of 2020. I think it would be better to ease into 2021 instead of diving in. So let’s take the four full weeks of January to build ourselves up while practicing some self-care.

Why start on January 3rd instead of January 1st? Because I think this is more important than setting a resolution on New Year’s Eve only to break it on New Year’s Day. We need to create a routine that involves self-care for the mind and body while helping us to decide our focus for the year and the steps we need to take to follow through.

What’s Involved

Each week, on Sunday, you’ll get an email with the week’s agenda. We’ll start on Sunday with some short journaling exercises about where we are and how we feel. Each week’s journal prompts lay the foundation for the next week so it’s important to do these journal exercises weekly.

Then on Monday through Saturday, we’ll start a movement and meditation program that starts small and builds each week. By the end, you’ll have a program of meditation, yoga, and movement that will take a minimum of 45 minutes each day. Sunday is your rest and journaling day.

By following these steps, we’ll be able to take care of our mind and body while we ease our way into 2021. Come join me on this journey.