Is there ever a wrong time to start a vision board? The short answer is NO! Start a vision board whenever it feels right for you.

People get stuck into thinking creating a vision board is only for January 1st. Much like setting a New Year’s resolution, they see it as something that is only right at the beginning of the year.

But that’s not true at all because we don’t make new goals only once a year. What happens if you meet all your goals before the year is up? Do you drift along waiting until the new year in order to set new goals? NO! You set new goals. No one says in April, “Ok. I’ve achieved all I want for the year. Now I’m just going to coast until January.”

If you have new goals or if your goals have changed, then it’s a good time to create a new vision board. Even if you don’t like the way that you’re current one came out, then it’s a good time to create a new one. Why? Because if you don’t like it you won’t look at it and think about your goals.

But vision boards don’t have to include all of your goals in one format. You can have multiple boards. If you have a special trip you want to plan for then create one just for the trip. But you can also create a separate one for a project you are working on, how you want to decorate your house, or even a special event you have coming up.

There is no right way or wrong way or right thing or wrong thing to create our vision boards about. The only thing that is wrong is thinking that creating one is all you have to do to meet your goals. Creating a vision board and forgetting about it is not the way it works.

There must be Action on your part. You must be willing to take steps to make your goals come true. And you must be willing to look for those opportunities that come your way.

Remember, your vision board is a visual reminder of your goals. By seeing your goals on a daily basis, you are reminded to take the necessary steps to go after them. The vision board reminds you to be open to those moments, those opportunities that will move you closer to your goals.

Is there ever a wrong time to create a vision board? Now you know, the answer is no.

To help support you in your goals and to make your vision boards more effective for you, I created some free printables for you. Sometimes, it’s hard to find the exact words or phrases that you want to use. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right colors. And sometimes you just don’t have the time to go through the pages of magazines. These will help.

Vision Board Printables

These Printables are here for you to cut up and use on your vision board. They are separated into three documents, Career, Health, and Power Words. At the top of the Power Words pages, you’ll see the words I Am. You can then pick one or more of the words to go with the phrase I Am. You can even use the words “I Am, I Am, I Am, I Am” to remind yourself to feel your own power.

The Power Words also take up three pages in the PDF and you’ll be able to mix and match colors if that’s what you like. Below are pictures of what each of the documents looks like. There are no fancy decorations because the words and phrases are the focus and these sheets should be cut up. And below that, you’ll find the links to print them out.

Career Affirmations
Health Affirmations
Power Words

Is there ever a wrong time to start a Vision Board? The short answer is NO! Start a Vision Board whenever it feels right and you need to refocus on your goals. #visionboard #visionboards #goals #freeprintables