Sick of hearing about vision boards? Do you find them boring to make or boring to look at? Are they useless to you? Bored with the idea of creating something that never, ever works? Why be vision bored when you can have a vision board? One that actually works!

Why You’re Bored with Your Vision Board

Sure, each year you create a vision board of all your dreams, those high hopes, and even some out-of-reach goals. You do it alone or get together with girlfriends and create your board over wine, gossip, and laughter.

But what did you create? Are they really goals that you want to meet? Have been dreaming of achieving? Or are they pretty pictures of things that you like to look at but know that you’re not really interested in going after?

Maybe it’s a picture of a Victorian House, that you think is cute but you know you don’t want to live in because you like clean lines and open layouts more than the paint scheme on that Victorian turret. Or what about those pictures of foreign countries? Do you really plan to travel there or have no intention of going to a country that doesn’t share your language or that you have to fly to?

No wonder you’re bored with your vision board. It doesn’t reflect you at all!

Plan Your Goals First

The first step in planning a vision board is to plan out your goals. In order to make a vision board that resonates for you, you need to know what your actual goals are and not just what your fun dreamland is.

Sit down and brainstorm out a list of career, family, spirituality, travel, self-development, and health/fitness goals. Write out those goals, even break them down and determine how long it will take to meet them or the order they need to go in.

If you need any guidance on this, you can read my post How to Plan Your Goals for Next Year and Beyond. Or you can check out this journal planner, Ease into Your Goals which is designed to move you through the stagnation of the last couple of years into planning goals for your future.

Once you have your goals, it’s time to break them down into achievable segments. If you’re planning on being a doctor, that includes schooling you haven’t completed yet, residency, etc. If you want to learn how to paint, it includes taking lessons, buying tools, etc. Break out the individual steps and list them in order.

Check out my post, Learn How to Plan Your Goals Better, to see how to break down goals into one-year, three-year, and even five-year plans. Once you’ve determined these steps, it’s time for the vision board planning.

How to be Un-Bored with Your Vision Board

The first step is to remember you’re not using a vision board to magically get things. You’re using a vision board to support your goals. Many people need visual reminders or cues to keep them on track. This is where a vision board comes in.

You might want to jump in and start creating a vision board right away but it’s best to figure out your vision board style first. Some prefer affirmations, others prefer just the visual aspect, and there are some who really need to have an interactive vision board. Want to Know Your Vision Board Style will walk you through a quiz to help you determine your particular style.

Once you know your style, you can start collecting the pictures, words, phrases, etc that resonate with you and your goals. Start laying out your pictures in a way that works with your vision board style while resonating with you. You might decide to show a timeline for your goals or a map of the steps that you need to take. Or you might even choose to just show what you plan on accomplishing next and save the rest for the next vision board. It’s up to you.

This post on creating a Portable Vision Board will help you take the next steps.

I hope once you take these steps you’ll find you have a vision board that excites you and doesn’t vision bore you!

Sick of hearing about vision boards? Bored with the idea of creating something that never, ever works? Why be vision bored when you can have a vision board? One that actually works! #visionboards #visionboardswork #setyourgoals