As you’ve probably guessed by now, I love Vision Boards.  It’s no secret that as a kinesthetic/tactile and visual learner the Portable Vision Board is perfect for me.  But it’s not just pictures that you’ll see on my Vision Board.  You’ll also see words, phrases, and quotes. I’m going to show you how to use words with your Vision Board.

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Should I Use Words on My Vision Board?

Your first question might be if you should use words in the first place and the answer is YES!!!

Words can help you clarify your goals.  They can support the pictures that you have on your board.  And they can also be affirmations that you want to repeat.

Words, Phrases, And Numbers

The first way that you can use words is to support your goals.  You have pictures of your goals but then add in words or phrases to further define what it is that you want.  For instance, you might have pictures of houses on the beach.  Great visual, but to further enhance the visual, you add in the phrase beach house.  Or maybe you’re trying to clarify the style of a house and you write in Mid Century Modern. The words help you to focus in on what part of the goal the picture is really showing you.

Sometimes it’s just a word or two to remind you of the type of person you want to be.  Words like confident or Inspired or Daring.  There might not be a picture that really shows what you feel, so use the words instead.

Numbers can also be key to a Vision Board.  Perhaps have you a specific number of leads or the dollar amount in sales that you want to hit.  Sometimes finding the exact number to cut out of a magazine is difficult, so instead of gluing it on, you write it in.  For me, there’s a certain fluidity about something that’s written down instead of glued down.  It can be changed.  I feel better about checking off or even crossing off something that’s written in.  Goal changed?  No problem, cross it off and write in the new goal or even glue down a new goal.  Did you meet the Goal?  Even better!  Check it off and write in your new goal, your stretch goal.


But Jennifer, we know that affirmations put you to sleep, you said it yourself, so why do you have them on your vision board?

Yes.  Affirmations are better than counting sheep for me.  Maybe even you.  I’m not an auditory learner, so saying things out loud doesn’t help me at all.  But reading is a visual activity, so seeing affirmations on my Vision Board is very helpful to me.  Maybe it’ll be helpful to you too.

First, let’s be clear as to what an affirmation should be.  Yes, it’s something that you repeat to yourself, but it’s something that you phrase from a positive perspective.  So instead of putting “I will not be lazy,” on your Vision Board, you need to rephrase it into something positive.  For instance, “I am full of energy all day long.” It’s important to only have positive words on your Vision Board.  In The Power of Affirmations, you can learn more about how to word affirmations in a positive manner.  You can also pick any of the 1000 different affirmations that are included with the book.

You can find affirmations in self-help magazines and surprisingly in many ads found in the magazines.  If none are quite right for you, then you can cut out specific words or even the starts of phrases and then fill in the rest by writing it down.  Sometimes just one word says it all for you.  For instance, I have the word ‘Breathe’ on mine.  It’s just a reminder for me to stop, focus on my breath, and slow down to that one moment in time.

I hope this helps clarify any questions you may have had regarding using words and phrases.  What one keyword or phrase will you include on your Vision Board?