I just don’t know what to say, but I have to say something. I am sad. I am angry. And I am outraged. Yet another black man has been murdered by the police. What sickens me most in watching the video is seeing that cop, with his hands in his pockets at times, just defiantly stare at the camera while he casually murdered a man. That man was George Floyd. He mattered.

It should leave all of us angry. But, I’m afraid, it doesn’t. What people are now starting to focus on is the result of that anger. The riots, the destruction, the violence. People don’t stop to think about how this is a result of systematic racism, oppression, and yes, murder, of a people. Only so much can be taken before it starts to boil over.

And then I question, would this violence have happened if the Minneapolis police didn’t fire tear gas and rubber bullets into a peaceful demonstration. Because that’s what it started out as, a peaceful demonstration. It’s possible that the late-night riots would have started anyway, but we’ll never know because a peaceful demonstration for justice by black people was given less leeway than the anti-stay at home demonstrators who showed up with guns and demanded their rights.

Think about that. Black people demonstrate for justice. White people demonstrate for their rights. And one group thinks their rights are more important than the rights of the other. And isn’t it a shame that history continues to show this as the “awful truth” of our country?

I pray that my nephew, a police officer in New England, takes the correct actions while at work and comes home safe to his family each night. Then I think of his sister and how her three youngest children will have to have “The Talk” from their father. Sadly, that will be the day they realize the world will not treat them the same as their older brother and sister.

Read A Decade of Watching Black People Die.

Watch and be uncomfortable with the truth.