According to Boris Pasternak, “Surprise is the greatest gift which life can grant us.”  It’s time to surprise that artist in you or your friends with one of these 3 gifts to inspire your creativity.  Practice is important to creativity, but sometimes you need some inspiration, some help, and guidance.  These 3 gifts will inspire creativity so give the gift of creative inspiration to yourself and to your friends and family.

1. Creative Inspiration from Van Gogh

We all need creative inspiration. I find it in a cute little book.  Creative Inspiration / Vincent Van Gogh edited by Kelly Shetron. I originally bought this book in Kindle format but was so inspired by it that I had to buy the actual hold-in-your-hand version. I was NOT disappointed. The book is small enough to fit in your purse and while not an actual hardcover, it’s not a paperback either, it’s much thicker and sturdier than that. 

It appears unassuming, but on the inside, there is so much inspiration I cried when reading parts of it. The inspiration comes in lines from Van Gogh’s letters. Just a few short lines on each page. Juxtaposed with a sketch. You read Van Gogh’s thoughts on why it’s necessary to continue creating, and why practicing is so important. He once spent a year painting flowers just so he could get used to color as his old style of painting was dark and gray. This gift is the perfect stocking stuffer for yourself and any budding artist/writer that you know.

2.  Learn to Crochet

Seriously. Sometimes you have to do something else that is creative especially when you find yourself being blocked. Learn how to crochet or try something else that’s also creative. During quarantine in 2020, I struggled with creativity and turned to crochet as a way to get through. It worked. It helped with my blog writing and I even made things. Win-win.

So try something new. Learn to crochet. Even as you’re blocked or struggling in one area of your creativity, you’ll find a new creative expression that can pull you through. But it doesn’t have to be crocheting it can be drawing, baking or knitting, collage making, or even learning how to create domino patterns and then filming them as you knock them down.

3. Learn From The Best With MasterClass

If you haven’t checked out MasterClass in a while, you need to do it now. What can you learn with MasterClass? You can learn from writers or musicians. There are cooking classes, tennis lessons, art, wilderness survival, photography, yoga, writing, and so much more! And right now, they are running a two-for-one sale. Get a subscription for yourself and gift a subscription to someone else!

MasterClass brings together the top masters in their fields to teach you their craft. Learn directly from Diane von Furstenberg on how to create a fashion brand. Stephen Curry teaches basketball and Wolfgang Puck teaches cooking. The best part is the price. You get a year-long MasterPass for 120.00 and take as many classes as you like. 

What inspires your creativity? If you’re not sure then check out these suggestions.

Practice is important to creativity, but sometimes you need some help, and guidance.  These 3 gifts to inspire your creativity will help. #creativity #creativeinspiration