You Never Know How Strong You Are Until Being Strong Is Your Only Choice

Bob Marley

This was written on a plaque that was given to my husband when he was diagnosed with cancer.  We hung it in his shop and looked at it whenever we needed encouragement over the next few months.  It’s a constant reminder that it is possible to get through whatever it is that’s trying to bring you down.  (I’m happy to say that he’s been cancer-free for seven years now.)

But it’s also a quote that we all need right now. I know it must be so hard. Right now, I work OT each week from home, and my husband still hasn’t collected his first unemployment check from the state of Florida. He’s been out of work since mid-March. I get this feeling that he’ll actually be back at work and getting a real paycheck long before he gets an unemployment check. That’s how antiquated the Florida unemployment system is.

And yet, we are the lucky ones. We have food on the table and can stretch to meet our bills. So many people in Florida, however, rely on two incomes that were tied to the hospitality industry. And now they both wait for unemployment checks. And they also wait, patiently, in long lines of cars, praying there will still be food when they get to the front of the line.

And that is the definition of strong.