Woman’s History Month is coming to a close and instead of focusing on those who’ve made history in the past, I thought I’d bring to your attention the women who are currently changing our world.  Women who are making a difference.

Malala Yousafzai:  Hopefully, you all know about Malala, a Pakistani girl who wanted an education and was shot by the Taliban.  You may recall, I’m a big fan of her courage as mentioned in this post from October, 2014.  While she hasn’t returned to Pakistan yet because of very real death threats, she continues to be a voice for the voiceless.

Emma Watson Quote - Unfold and Begin

Emma Watson Quote – Unfold and Begin

Emma Watson:  We all know and love her as Hermoine, but Emma is also making a name for herself as a feminist. In September of 2014, she spoke at the UN on gender equality and the need for men to become involved.  Gender equality is not just a woman thing.

Glamour’s Women of the Year Award:  The 50 women recognized by Glamour for being hometown heroes.  Women who work at rape crisis centers, arrange mentors for teens, work with military spouses and much more.   Working in their own back yard, changing lives, creating our future.

All of these women are heroes.  All are shaping the course of our history.  All are changing the way others look at women.  How lucky we are to witness their work.