You probably know a lot about vision boards but have recently seen people saying they’re setting intentions instead of creating a vision board. I believe they can both go together. Here’s why you need to set an intention and create a vision board.

What’s the Difference Between Intentions and Vision Boards?

You’ve been hearing about vision boards from me for a long time. A vision board is about putting pictures to your goals and dreams. It makes them tangible and keeps them in sight during the day as a visual reminder of what you’re working towards.

I see an intention as more of how you will be in the world. You’re creating the energy you need for the direction of your day/life. You might also hear other people call it a Sankalpa which is the Sanskrit for intention. By focusing on keeping your intention positive, you can use it to help turn the tide when negative thoughts come into your mind.

An example of an intention is to state what you want to feel or bring about. An intention like ‘I will bring peace to my day,’ might mean that you will speak softly and kindly to others. Or ‘I will remain relaxed,’ may mean that you will stay calm in stressful situations

How do Intentions and Vision Boards Work Together?

Remembering that an intention helps to create the energy that you need for the day, you can first set an intention to guide you to create your best vision board. ‘Allow my inner soul to guide me to the words and pictures that best visualize my goals,’ or one like that can be used prior to making your vision board.

Once your vision board is made, you have that visual reminder of what you’re working towards. Now you can use an intention in several different ways. One, if there is an overarching theme on your board such as creating a happy family life, or helping others then you can set your intention to support your life as you want it.

Or, if you’re working towards a specific goal, you can set an intention in support of that. As an example, if are still studying towards a career or learning a new hobby, then use something like, ‘I will greet today with an open mind.’ This can mean that you’re open to learning new things, or that you’re going to be open to learning things that you might not understand or be able to do right away.

How Do I Set an Intention?

First, decide if you’re going to create a new daily intention each day or work with one for a specific time period. In the example above for learning, you can always use it until you’re done learning the new subject or craft and then create a new one to support something else on your vision board when you are done with the first one.

You can even write down your intentions on a specific piece of paper and then burn it when you’re done or write it in a journal. It’s helpful to set a ritual around your intention. So always doing it the same way at the same time is helpful to not only remember to do it but helpful to seal it into your subconscious.

It might be helpful to you to try different ways in order to find the intention ritual that works best for you. Here are three options.

  • Write it out. Have an intention journal (you know I love a new journal!) Each morning, as you wake up, reach for your journal and write out your intention. Write it three times. If you want, you can always add some thoughts as to how this will look in action, but write it three times first.
  • As you wake up, while you’re still lying in bed, say your intention. Say it three times to seal it. You can even bring your hands to your heart in prayer as you say your daily intention. As you’re saying your intention, allow your body to feel the energy that intention brings. Smile.
  • If you are a morning yoga person. Bring your intention to your mat. Stand in Tadasana with your hands in prayer position. Repeat your intention three times. Breathe deeply as you feel the energy of your intention and smile as you begin your yoga practice.

As you go about your day, you can always repeat your intention. Especially useful if you find yourself in a situation that it is meant to address. If things are stressful, repeating your intention of remaining relaxed may be just the reminder that you need to let the stress go. Repeating your intention of having an open mind is a wonderful way to begin each new class or lesson you are taking.

I would love to hear how setting an intention works for you.

You know vision boards but see people setting intentions instead of creating a vision board. Here's why you need to set an intention and create a vision board. #settinganintention #intentionsandvisionboards #visionboards