I have never believed that vacations are luxuries.
They are our necessities–just like shelter, clothes, and food
they make us feel like humans and not
like animals that only care for survival.

Alexander Babinets

As if I needed a reason for a vacation. I love my vacations. I’ve gone to lots of different places including beaches, mountains, historical sites, a couple of different countries, I’ve even taken a cruise. Being able to relax is one reason but there are a lot of other reasons why we all need a vacation.

Did you know that taking a vacation can reduce your chances of having a heart attack? By 50% for women and 30% for men. Right there, that should be enough of a reason to take a vacation. Vacations reduce stress, which inturn reduces high blood pressure–which can lead to heart attacks and stroke.

Vacations also have a way of making you feel better as in feel good. Not only do you feel good vibes because you’re relaxing and enjoying what you’re doing. You also create a calm mind because you’re relaxed and feeling less stress.

All this de-stressing, feeling good, and feeling relaxed also leads to better mental health in how you use your mind. With less stress you’re able to think clearer. You feel more creative and more productive. Got a creativity or mental block? Go on vacation and forget about your problem!

Even now, during lock downs and working from home because of Covid-19, it helps to have a vacation. Stay-cations are just as effective if you use the time to do something you enjoy. Try reading, crafting, exercising, writing, binge-watching shows you’ve been saving.

Work will still be there when you return. And when you return, you’ll be in a better place both mentally and physically to continue working.

We all need vacations. Being able to relax is one reason but there are a lot of other reasons why we all need a vacation. #vacation #beachvacation #relaxingvacation
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