Sometimes you need a reminder that if it’s something you love if it’s something that you really want then you shouldn’t give up.  Which means you need to ask yourself why do you want to give up on your goals?

Get Granular

When we just want to give up, it’s actually time to get granular instead. It’s time to find out if these goals are even appropriate for you by asking yourself some questions.

  • Why. Ask yourself why you want to accomplish the goals that you set. Is it your passion or was it a goal that you had when you were younger but now it doesn’t even come close to what you want or need in midlife?
  • Who. In conjunction with Why, you need to ask yourself who your goals belong to. Is the goal yours? Your spouse’s? Your parents? Or maybe even your boss’s goal?
  • Realistic. Is your goal something that you can do at this time in your life? Maybe you want to be a professional athlete but you’re in your 50s. That doesn’t mean that you can’t be one, but maybe you might need to change sports.
  • Specific. Generalities don’t make good goals. Being rich or a famous author are not specific goals. As the Spice Girls said, ‘So tell me what you want, what you really, really want…’

Break it Down

Now that you’ve determined this is a goal for you, that it fits your needs and desires and isn’t something someone else wants instead, it’s time to break it down. Breaking down a goal into smaller components makes it easier for you to work towards your goal.

Look at your goals one at a time and start listing tasks and milestones you need to do to accomplish for each one. Figure out what tools you need and the order in which everything needs to be done. Write it all out and then schedule it in your calendar…whether that’s an online one or a paper one.

Make It Visual

Now that you’ve got your game plan, it’s time to make it visual. Whether you call it a Vision Board or a Goal Board, being able to see your goals helps you to meet them. This is especially true for anyone who is a Visual learner. Seeing goals keeps them alive and real for you, a reminder of what you’re working towards.

If you want to know more about creating a Vision Board, please read How to Create a Portable Vision Board.

If it's something you love if it's something that you really want then you shouldn't give up. Why do you want to give up on your goals? #settinggoals #goals