It’s time for another Sunday Stills Photo Challenge. This time, it’s about fantastic florals and do I have a lot. I love taking pictures of flowers. But since the Epcot Flower and Garden show started on March 4th only two weeks before Disney shut everything down. The flowers are still there. Makes you wonder who enjoys the fantastic florals if the park isn’t open? Apparently, the gardeners are, they are still there taking care of the display that is supposed to be active until June 1st.

Here are some of the pictures from last year’s show. Not the best pictures they were taken around noon, so the sun was directly overhead. And my camera is a 4-year-old Google Pixel XL. Trying to get as much out of this phone as I possibly can because I love it.

Above was my best reflection shot with Spaceship earth in the background and flowers in the water along with the reflection of the flowers. Below is the same area from a different angle.

Although there were a lot of Disney characters, this shot of Pluto is the best.

And whether you were coming or leaving, these flowers were there to meet you.

I hope you enjoyed this short stroll through the 2019 Epcot Flower and Garden Show for the fantastic florals photo challenge. #SundayStills is a weekly challenge on Terri’s Second Wind Leisure blog. Find my other Sunday Stills here