You get up again. You dust yourself off. Then you try again. That’s what you do when you get knocked down. K is for knocked down in the A to Z challenge.

Getting knocked down can be a learning experience. Whether you want it to or not, it teaches you what isn’t going to work so you can try something new.

But sometimes, you get knocked down because of something out of your control. What do you do when that happens? You get back up again.

My father was knocked down after an operation that left him in a wheelchair. He was despondent at first, but after a good cry and physical and rehabilitative therapy, he came home and cooked everyone Thanksgiving dinner.

After that, he continued gardening, working around the house, being an active member of the Masons, playing with his grandson, and driving his wife all around New England on their special road trips.

The ability to bounce back after being knocked down is resilience, which is the theme of this Blogging A to Z Challenge. Resilience is the ability to recover from or adjust to misfortune or change.

Resilient People

There are so many stories of people who’ve overcome adversity and kept going. Here are just a few.

Theodore Giesel. He was turned down 27 times before On Mulberry Street was first published in 1937.

Jack Canfield. He was rejected 144 times before Chicken Soup for the Soul was picked up by a small publisher in Florida.

Katy Perry. She created a gospel album in 1999 that only sold 200 copies. She then signed with two record labels that eventually dropped her before signing with Capital Records in 2007. In 2008, I Kissed a Girl was released.

How To Bounce Back After Being Knocked Down

Get Emotional

You’ve been knocked down. It’s ok to cry or scream it out. Talk to someone. If you’re an introvert like me, cry, then write it down in order to process it. Just get out your anger and your shock and any other emotions you might be holding onto.

Take Stock

Now it’s time to examine what happened. Do your own debrief.

  • What went well?
  • What didn’t go well?
  • What did you learn?
  • How can you improve next time?

Take Responsibility

Even if the setback wasn’t your fault (like my father.) You have to take ownership of your situation. No one is going to do it for you. Nothing will improve without your full participation.

Look for the Good / Silver Lining

Did you learn something that you were missing? Or, did you realize that this particular project was the one you didn’t really want to focus on? Did you see a new direction? Optimistic people see challenges as opportunities to learn and grow.

Get Back Up and Move Forward

The longer you stay down, the harder it is to get back up.

But getting knocked down is proof that you’re trying. So try some more. Possibly get knocked down some more—but keep moving forward.

You get up again. You dust yourself off. Then you try again. That's what you do when you get knocked down. #igetupagain #tryagain #getupagain #atozchallenge