I know. At the beginning of the year, you wrote down your goals for the year. (We did, too.) You found the right pictures and created your Vision Board. (We did, too.) And now it’s all blown out of the water. (Ours is…Wait. What? That’s not true!) Right now you must be wondering what becomes of your Vision Boards in the time of Quarantine.

Yes. Some plans have been blown out of the water. I get it. I’m living it. Right now. This was the week we were supposed to be in NYC and Connecticut visiting family. It’s been 1.5 years since we left and we haven’t seen any of our family since then. We were supposed to go last September but then a hurricane Dorian blew by the state and up the coast. And now a devastating virus ruined our plans this time. (I’m beginning to think I should stop planning trips to Connecticut.)

Time to Evaluate

A lot of things have changed in the last couple of months. Even your job might have. Maybe you don’t have one to go back to. Or maybe you took a new job in order to keep working. Or you worked through this entire crisis and found that your job will no longer take place in an office, that you’ll be working from home from now on.

Right now I’m working from home. Something I thought I’d never be able to do. But turns out, it’s ok. And boy does it free up my time. I used to spend almost an hour each way on my commute. Now, I have that time back. Does this mean I’ll always be working from home? We don’t know yet, but they aren’t in any hurry to bring up back to the office, which I really appreciate.

What about you? Do your goals for your current job still fit your Vision Board goals? If not, it’s time to start thinking about what those new goals look like and write it down.

And then you should look at each section of your Vision Board. Review your health, your home, your travel, spiritual, side-hustle, work out/health goals. And any other goals that you have up there. Take into account how your workout goals might change if you decide you don’t want to go into a gym anytime soon. What else will you do? Maybe your travel goals change as well and become local trips to areas that are uncrowded.

Each time you find a goal that is going to change for you this year, then start planning out how you’ll fit in that goal this year…if at all. Maybe your/our trip to NYC becomes a goal for next year…after a vaccine has been found. It gives you/us time to plan more, save more, and look forward to it some more. Because we all know that looking forward to a trip is part of the fun and excitement.

Update Your Vision Board

Now that you’ve reviewed your goals. It’s time to update or maybe even create a new Vision Board. Look for pictures that fit your new goals. If your goals have changed because of the quarantine, what can you replace them with? Do you need a brand new Vision Board or do you just need to make some changes to some of your goals?

Start by laying out your current Vision Board and placing the new pictures over some of your old goals. Are you covering up a majority of your old Vision Board? If so, then it’s time to start over with a fresh board. If not, then either remove or cover up the goals that have changed and place the new pictures down.

And let’s really be honest here. For some people who are struggling without jobs, with a slow response to unemployment payments, the daily focus is about food. And maybe the Vision Board is just about root or basic needs. Getting food, finding enough money to pay the bills. That’s a huge reality down here in Florida where it’s possible to have both spouses dependent on the hospitality economy.

It’s ok, if that’s what your focus needs to be for now. Nothing is more important than meeting those root needs.

The Way Forward

Whether you need to make changes to your Vision Board or not, this is not the time to throw out the Vision Board or think it doesn’t matter. During this stressful time, we all need routine and satisfying things, and reminders to fall back on. Reviewing your Vision Board and picking out what makes sense for you right now is a great way to keep that routine. Or creating a new Quarantine Vision Board that helps you focus on your root needs right now is ok, too.

For my husband and me, we just focused our energy on different areas of our board. Our overall goals haven’t changed. We’ll still travel back to visit our relatives at some point but for now, we’re staying safe, focusing on our health, and even getting in more exercise than previously with our daily morning walks.

Since Chris is a hotel banquet chef, we don’t expect him to go back to work anytime soon. So he’s been studying PhotoShop, learning how to edit his photos and taking more pictures. It’s something that was on our Vision Board this year and now he’s taking advantage of his downtime to learn a new skill.

For me, I’m keeping my focus on those things that I can control right now like ensuring I exercise each day. Trying to watch what I eat…although, let’s be honest here, in times of stress…more carbs are a necessity. Yes. More carbs. And I’m sticking to!

What are you going to focus on in quarantine? How do you find that routine and keep your eye on your goal?

At the beginning of the year, you wrote down your goals for the year and created your Vision Board. But right now you must be wondering what becomes of your Vision Boards in the time of Quarantine. #VisionBoard #VisionBoardsInQuarantine