What stops you from trying new things? Usually, it’s fear. Sometimes it’s pride. But what if that new thing is is what you need to do in order to follow your dreams? What do you need to do then? How do you move forward? And how do you do that one thing you need to do to follow your dream.

Just one thing? Yes. And that’s what it is…saying yes. Say yes to those things that scare you. Say yes to those things that sound like fun but might embarrass you. Just say yes. It will move you closer to your dream.

In When Was the Last Time You Tried Something New, I shared some of the reasons why trying new things is important. Things like increasing your brainpower and building your confidence and happiness. In Why Failure is an Option, I wrote about how trying something new and failing moves you forward. Even though you missed the mark, you tried, and that’s important. And in We’re Scared to Death to Try New Things I discuss how we can take small steps first in order to build up to taking those bigger steps that are more important, or scarier. Those steps that will really move you forward towards your goal.