I figured I would keep with the theme of mothers for the entire week and use a quote about them for this week’s creativity prompt. “That’s your mother?” was often asked of me. I think I even heard it about me at least once.

Granted, she didn’t need to drag us away that much. We knew by the tone of her voice when we’d better drag ourselves away or it could get more embarrassing and the punishment worse if we didn’t listen. Not behaving correctly in public and lying were the two things that merited the worst punishments in our house.

And trust me, she didn’t have to be with us to know if our behavior was correct…or not. She had a network of spies…I mean friends, everywhere, even in other towns. One of my brothers got a speeding ticket two towns over and my mother found out because her friend read it in the local newspaper, in a Police Blotter section.

What memories of your mother does this quote bring up? Or, does this quote help with a character you’re creating? What’s this creativity prompt dredge up?

In case you’re wondering why I chose the pictures that I used for this prompt, that’s based on the novel, The Line, which is a post-apocalyptic YA novel.

I'm keeping with the theme of mothers for this week's creativity prompt. "That's your mother?" was often asked of me. #creativityprompt #creativeinspiration