Who’d of thought that I’d still be in the thick of it 2 weeks later? Unpacking that is. I guess I should have. It took me several months to slowly pack up.

I know it’s a first-world problem to have, but I find that with more space, I still don’t know where to put things. So things are unboxed and placed on counters and shelves while I try to figure out the perfect spot they go into. Today, some are placed on counters because they go up on the top shelf that I can’t reach. They wait for my husband to get home from work.

I’m looking forward to the coming weekend because our Orlando family is coming down to see our new place and enjoy the beach. I haven’t seen them since Christmas! There are still a bunch of boxes that must be gotten through first. I don’t want them to walk into a mess.

One of the benefits of this move, besides the bigger, brand-new apartment and besides being closer to the beach is that we’re downsizing again. Slow but sure. I already have a bunch of clothes to give to Goodwill. Why didn’t I get rid of them before packing you might ask? They made great packing material.

We’re also starting to go through those little things that collect in drawers and boxes. If we don’t know what it is or aren’t using it, it’s time to go. Wish me luck.