This week’s #SundayStills photo challenge was a favorite place. I don’t so much have one favorite place, it’s more a favorite area. The beach. I am a water sign and I love to be around water. Specifically, an ocean beach, although I sometimes prefer a particular awesome lake. In this new age of COVID-19 right now I’m missing my favorite place.

When I was growing up, we’d sometimes spend long weekends visiting friends in Jamestown, RI. During the summer months, mattresses were pulled out onto the upstairs screened-in porches and that was the summer bedroom in order to catch a breeze. I’d wake to hear the foghorns sounding as the fishing boats were going out to sea.

Fog over the water is mysterious, dangerous, and beautiful. Below is a shot near Plymouth, MA.

When my son was young, we, along with my sister, would go to my SIL’s family camp in Maine on Belgrade Lakes. We’d spend a week just relaxing, swimming, reading books, and playing trivia until 1 or 2 in the morning. I treasure those memories.

This was my sister Joni’s favorite place, too. From the time her sons were in elementary school up until the year she died, she would spend a week in this tranquil paradise. This is her forever view, as some of her ashes were placed near the ferns to the left of the porch below.

Now, I need to be near the ocean as often as possible. Even though we live in Orlando, when my husband and I find a weekend off together, we jump in the car drive out to the coast and enjoy some early morning sunshine on the beach. This is Pelican Beach.

Most of our vacations have also involved a beach in some manner…even if for only a day or two. Below is a sunrise over Jacksonville Beach.

Please enjoy my favorite place photo challenge. #SundayStills is a weekly challenge on Terri’s Second Wind Leisure blog. Find my other Sunday Stills here