It’s perfectly ok to write garbage – as long as you edit brilliantly.

C. J. Cherryh

It’s perfectly ok to write garbage.  I do it every day.  Sentences, for the most part, don’t spew out perfectly formed.  I write it out and then I go back and edit.  The whole point is to write something, get your main ideas out there.  Give it a messy birth and then clean it up after.  

Some people get frozen in fear and don’t even start because they’re afraid to put imperfectly formed sentences on paper. But why do you expect perfection from yourself each time, but expect your favorite sports team to practice before their games? Or encourage your children to study before a test? Shouldn’t they get it perfect too if you’re expecting yourself to be perfect?

Give yourself a break. Write some garbage for a change. Then write some more. Write every day. Don’t worry what it looks like. Just get into a habit. Then go back and see if there is something salvageable. Sometimes there won’t be. But sometimes? Gold can be found in that garbage!

Especially now, in these uncertain times you need to get it out. Don’t let fear of the unknown interfere. Don’t let it stop you from writing crap!