On With the Butter is an Icelandic term that means to carry on or keep moving. Just keep moving was the mantra for Heidi’s mom, who lived until 94. She died while writing her own book on her experiences of the previous year when she doing 93 new things before her 94th birthday.

I was sent a copy of On With the Butter by Heidi Herman in exchange for an honest review.

On With the Butter! Spread More Living onto Everyday Life is not only a tribute to the life Heidi’s mother lived, but a manual for how we can all greet each day with an intent to live life to the fullest by seeking out new experiences, following new trails, and meeting new people. Getting older doesn’t mean we need to sit around and watch life pass us by.

Sure, we might be a little bit slower than we were at 25, but age shouldn’t be an excuse to not seek out new adventures….big or small. Whether it’s taking a hike in a new park or paragliding for the first time at 88 like Heidi’s mom did. Doing new things keeps us feeling young and engaged in life.

The chapters are broken out into different different types of experiences. For instance, the chapter Just Say Yes is about taking that chance to say yes to new experiences. Saying yes when someone asks you to go to a festival or to learn a new dance or take a left turn off the route you’re traveling in order to attend a wine tasting. While Taste Life is about trying new foods, new recipes, new restaurants.

I really liked that at the end of each chapter, there is a Challenge Checklist of things that you can do. For example, at the end of Find Your Wild Side, the checklist includes options go to a movie or out to dinner by yourself (post-COVID!) Or the checklist for Explore Nature includes starting a garden or going bird watching, or camping.

This is a fun, quick read and I enjoyed reading On with the Butter, especially since it fits in with what I already blog about–embracing life with creativity and curiosity! Heidi’s real-life examples of living this philosophy alongside her mother are inspiring. She even writes about her own experience trying paragliding even though she is afraid of heights. What are you waiting for? On with the butter!