The last winds of March are blowing through and having an effect on all of us. We can’t wait for spring and our posts reflect that yearning.  Whether it’s about how or where we retire to, healing, or yearning for spring weather you can definitely see how the March winds caught up with the blogging boomers.

First, we find out that the change of seasons was not important or usually noticed by Meryl Baer of Six Decades of Counting when she was growing up. As a young girl, she recognized two seasons: the school season and summer. Now, however, signs of spring bring joy and the promise of wonderful things to come – warm weather, longer days, fresh local vegetables, a climate conducive to long walks and bike rides. Baer introduces us to spring in her area through pictures.

On the other hand, this week Tom at Sightings Over Sixty interviewed retirement guru Ernie Zelinski to find out what brings true happiness in retirement. Is it the freedom from having a boss? The freedom to do what you want? The opportunity to build better relationships with family and friends? Find out the answers over at his post The Secret of Retirement.

This short, but thoughtful post over at A Healing Spirit asks us to take a moment to consider the greater meaning of the hard things that have happened in our lives. Read about it in How Hard Goodbyes Have An Upside.

On The Survive and Thrive Boomer Guide, Rita R. Robison, consumer journalist, writes about the lack of government regulation on breast implants. Breast implants have caused many serious medical conditions in women, including scarring, pain, and hardening of the breasts when the implants rupture and leak silicone gel. An unusual cancer, anaplastic large cell lymphoma, and autoimmune diseases have been linked to breast implants. Trials should have been done before approval, rather than after, otherwise, women are serving as unwitting guinea pigs, said Public Citizen, a consumer advocacy organization.

Have you ever thought of downsizing down to a tiny home? Granny Pods are becoming popular with Baby Boomers, especially for women who may be left alone after their spouse or partner dies. Rebecca Olkowski, with Baby Boomster, is seriously thinking about one for herself in the future. What do you think?

And finally, if you missed it last week, I have a new calendar update for our year of Extreme Self-Care with How To Find Your Rhythm and Flow.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you check out all the Blogging Boomer posts.