Friday’s A to Z Challenge post is another creativity prompt. L is for Lush. This is a picture prompt.

Lush has a couple of meanings. If you think my creativity prompt is about drunks, you’re wrong. The definition of lush that I’m thinking of is growing vigorously, especially with luxuriant foliage. And that’s what this picture makes me think of.

I know you’re probably wondering why I like this photo so much. It’s just a bunch of trees covered in Kudzu. And wait until you find out that this was taken at a rest stop on 95 South in North Carolina. What’s so lush about a rest stop? But there it is, right behind the rest stop. This forest of trees, vines, ferns, bushes, and grasses. Just growing. Bright green.

Looking at that bright green just spurs the imagination. It’s lush! Is it just a plain old forest with Kudzu choking out the trees? Or is it enchanted? Are there fairies or elves? Do you see the Green Man in there? What about dwarves or giants or gnomes?

You decide.