Just a short post today. I started cleaning the clutter in my office. Probably not a big deal for many, but for me, it’s been filled with clutter since we moved into our new apartment. Just a short update as I start to declutter.

I actually wrote that first sentence before I started. Over the last couple of months, I’ve been thinking about clearing the clutter but haven’t done anything about it. Even though it makes me not want to work in the office, I have to work there.

Clutter makes me feel closed in and small. It depresses me and makes working hard. It’s not easy to find anything. And yet…I still let the clutter stay.

Until today. I wanted to work on the clutter, but realized it’s been hard to start so I wrote the first sentence. Wrote it before I started. I knew I would make a liar out of myself if I didn’t start, so I did. Sometimes you just have to set your commitment down in writing and then it inspires you to follow through on it.

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