September is a great time to start again. It’s the start of the new school year, so teachers and students are already starting over. Summer and vacations are over, which means businesses are looking at their end of year goals and how to push towards the finish line. It’s time to plan now for the rest of the year.

For us, in Florida, September is also bringing the threat of Hurricane Dorian. Will it hit us? Will it skirt the coast? Sadly, with Hurricane’s, we won’t really know until we know. So I might be doing my planning the old fashioned way, with pen and paper. (I kid, I will always plan out with pen and paper because I like the tactile and visual aspects of it. But, I just might be doing it in the dark!)

To start with your planning, you really need to take a look at your original goals, what you’ve accomplished so far this year and what you need to do to finish the year strong.

Last year, I wrote a post, How to Do a Midyear Check-In of Your Goals, I gave you steps to take to look at your goals, determine where you are in relation to where you planned to be, and a reminder that it’s important to celebrate those goals that you’ve already met. And although it was designed for a half-year check-in, the steps in that post can be used at any time.

Last September, I turned your attention the last four months in Plans for the Last Four Months of the Year. In this post, I wrote about being able to jettison a goal that was dragging you down. I also provided some extra tools that will help you to meet your goals.

I hope you find these tools valuable and would love to hear how you review your goals and plan out the end of the year.

Are you on track to meet your goals for the year? Check out these specific guidelines for celebrating what you've accomplished, planning on finishing strong with the goals that still need to be met, and jettison goals that no longer work for you. #goals #goalplanning #VisionBoards