“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” – William Wordsworth

Paper might not, in itself, be a motivational word, but I love this quote. It speaks to journaling. Writing out your thoughts, whether it just be a haphazard jumbling of words flowing from your pen in the morning, a more thoughtful review of your day, or even that listing of gratitude that come from ‘the breathing of your heart.’

I love to write my blog posts on paper first. But not usually all the way through. Sometimes, it’s just an opening or closing paragraph. You’ll find paragraphs ordered by arrows and numbers. Sometimes it’s just a jumble of quotes and words that I recognize.

And sometimes, it’s just a quote that creates a post. Just like in this situation. I wasn’t originally going to do paper for my P word this month. My theme for the month is motivation. I was originally thinking about passion or purpose for the P, even had those words written down in my alpha list of words to possibly use this month.

But then, I came across this quote and wrote it down. I even started a draft post with just the quote in it. I knew that paper would be my word.

But then I realized I do find paper motivational. I love a new notebook. I fill them up. Some days, it’s just a couple of words, other days, there might be a to-do list in there. It’s where I capture quotes and ideas for possible posts, observations, and some gratitude. Artists and painters are also motivated by their sketchbooks and canvases. Not all stare at a blank canvas and get blocked.

Van Gogh writes about the blank canvas paralyzing some painters and making them think they can’t do anything. But then he writes, “Many painters are afraid of the blank canvas, but the blank canvas IS AFRAID of the truly passionate painter who dares—and who has once broken the spell of you can’t.”

So, do as Van Gogh says, fill your paper.