We’re moving. I know you know, I’ve been mentioning it a lot in the past few weeks. It’s starting to get real though, the movers show up on Thursday. I think it’s time for a moving break.

Initially, I wasn’t planning on a break. I’d just come off a successful 30-day-long blogging challenge and was able to stay on top of those posts. But packing got the better of me. And now I realize it’s time to take a break before I break myself…mentally.

This is going to be a two-week break. This week and next, don’t expect any blog posts. My Wednesday Whoa Newsletters will still go out on time. I’ll share previous posts that might interest you, especially as we’re getting to the year’s halfway point.

Thanks for you’re understanding and if you’re not currently on my subscribers list and want to know what’s going on, then I encourage you to sign up.