This week’s Sunday Stills photo challenge has to do with state symbols. Since I just moved to Florida in 2019, I was able to learn more about my adopted state through this challenge. Today, it’s just a Florida state of mind as I explore some of its symbols.

One of the first trips, when we moved to Florida, was to Crystal River to see the manatees. Crystal River is a unique spring-fed river that stays 72 degrees (22.22 Celcius) year-round. During the winter months, hundreds of manatees will call the river home. During spring, they’ll leave as the waters in the Gulf of Mexico start to warm up. The manatee is the State Marine Mammal of Florida

Another symbol of the state is the Palm tree. Specifically, the Sabel Palm or Sabel Palmetto. I actually associated the much taller and skinnier Coco Palm with Florida. You see the Coco Palm on postcards, but the Sabel Palm is the state tree of Florida. For just over a year, these beauties have been outside my porch and I didn’t know they were the state tree.

And, of course, the state reptile is the alligator. No state symbol review of Florida would be complete without showing these babies, I think they’re around the 2 to 3-year-old range.

Please enjoy this state symbol photo challenge. #SundayStills is a weekly challenge on Terri’s Second Wind Leisure blog. Find my other Sunday Stills here. And below is just another symbol of Florida aka The Sunshine State. I give you a gorgeous sunset as seen from Panama City Beach.

Today, it's just a Florida state of mind as I explore some of its symbols for the Sunday Stills state symbol challenge. #SundayStills #FloridaStateOfMind #Manatees #SabelPalms #Alligators