I’ve written before that if you make room for creativity in your life and practice every day, you will be creative. Some days it can be a slog and nothing you create will work. Other days it all works out. But what if you can no longer do what you’ve always done or what if it no longer interests you? Is your creativity gone or has it just changed?

What if you can no longer physically do the art that used to do? What if you’re no longer interested in it? Or just have different forms of expression that you want to try?

We all know Grandma Moses for her paintings. But did you know that before she was a painter, she used to embroider? She had to give up embroidery because of arthritis in her fingers. It’s then that she turned to painting.

Jim Carrey started out as a comedian, then an actor in comedies, then dramas. He was hugely bankable. And then he left it all and started painting because he was sick of the “business” that was film. And because he wanted to explore the painting side of his creativity.

Or what about Ron Howard, he was a child star who became a young adult star, who then became a director. Alan Rickman went to school for art and was a successful graphic designer before becoming an actor. Before she became re-famous for being a judge on American Idol, Paula Abdul was a dancer turned choreographer turned singer.

It’s ok to change what you do. Even if you spent time and money learning and doing something as Alan Rickman did. Make the change, if that’s what you want to do. Learn something new. And there are so many different ways to learn now.

You can look for local classes through your local night schools, YWCA’s, Park and Rec departments, local craft and art studios, etc. You can also go online to find new things to try. Some of my favorite sites are listed below.

Craftsy. Online classes for baking, knitting, quilting, crocheting, and others. I signed up for the beginner crochet videos because that’s something I’ve been doing for the past year.

Domestica. Another online environment to sign up for different classes. There are more categories available here, including furniture design and embroidery.

MasterClass. Another one of my favorites. This is for someone who wants high-quality production taught by some of the experts in their fields. You can even take a directing class from Ron Howard.

It’s ok to lose interest in what you’ve been doing. But don’t think you’ve lost your creativity. Maybe it’s just time to find something new. Browse through the different classes offered above and you’ll probably find what you’re looking for.