You set your goals for the year and created a vision board to support them. Then maybe, you even updated your vision board due to Covid-19, but is it working for you? Is it time for a mid-year vision board checkup?

A mid-year checkup is a great time to look at your goals and determine if you are on track to you goals. Even if some of your goals were blown out of the water during a Pandemic lock down, there are probably plenty of goals, like eating healthy, or learning a new language, or clearing out the clutter, etc., that you could still meet.

I always advocate a celebrate, review, and re-evaluate process when it comes to goals.


It’s time to celebrate the goals that you did meet. Or even progress on goals during these last few difficult months. Pat yourself on the back, give yourself a high-five and even shout it out to the world if you want to. You deserve it.


Now it’s time to review the goals and see if you’re on track with them. If your goal is to write a novel this year, have you been keeping up with any daily or weekly word counts that you gave yourself?

Let’s face it, that first month of lockdown might have had a negative effect on you and your goals. But now is the time to recommit, perhaps make up for some lost time. We’re in the second half of the year now and if you want to meet your goal by year-end, then you need to recommit and possibly plan out some extra steps.


There is no shame in letting go of a goal that isn’t working for you. Sometimes we cling to goals because we feel like a failure if we let go and say it’s not right for us. But take the Covid-19 lockdowns as a sign that it’s ok to jettison that goal that you don’t want.

Granted, some of them were jettisoned for us even though we didn’t want that to happen (anyone else have a vacation that was canceled like me?) But, that gives us more time to plan a better one next year!

How It Affects Your Vision Board

Now that you know where you stand with your goals, it’s time to look at your vision board. Do you need to make just a few updates? Then you can remove some old pictures and add new ones.

Do you need to make big adjustments? Perhaps it’s time to create a new vision board. There is no right or wrong time to create a vision board. And if the one you currently have isn’t working for you, then it’s time make a new one. I give you permission!