Not feeling creative today? Need a new blog post and can’t think of anything to write about? Starting to feel like blogging isn’t really for you if you can’t come up with ideas? What if I could teach you how to use Pinterest to brainstorm content instead of using it to escape writing that blog post?

We’ve all been there. We’ve ALL had (or are currently having) that struggle. Days or even weeks when we feel like there’s nothing new to say. How can I write anything original? It’s already been written before.

This post was originally written in July of 2019. But with the recent changes in Pinterest, I wanted to update it so it’s accurate to how Pinterest works today.

Is This Stealing?

You might be thinking that taking an idea from someone else and writing about it is stealing. It’s not. UNLESS you take their post and copy the whole thing. Then it’s stealing. But if you take their idea and write your own original content from that idea, that’s not stealing. It’s building. Being influenced by. It’s doing something that great writers throughout history have done.

Think about it. If there wasn’t the Illiad and the Odessey, would there be The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, or The Wonderful Wizard of Oz? If there wasn’t The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, then we wouldn’t have Wicked.

In the book, Steal This Plot, authors William and June Noble speak about how the plot is what the story is centered around. There are millions of stories out there that revolve around The Quest, but they are not the same. The Illiad is different from Raiders of the Lost Ark, which is different from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. But each story revolves around a journey that the heroine/hero must take…just like Finding Nemo!

The same is true of content because it’s your experience and your worldview that will help to form your next blog post. If you’re a budget blogger and you see that someone has written about using Excel to create a budget and even shared it as a download, does it mean that you can’t do the same thing?

Of course not. Because your experience with a budget, what it looks like and how and why you use it are going to be completely different from someone else’s experience. Don’t be afraid to put that out there just because someone else wrote a similar post.

Using Pinterest

The first Pin that caught my eye when I opened my Pinterest home feed was one about not needing a niche. It caught my eye because I recently wrote a post asking if I had a niche-less blog. My Pins, the things that I’m interested in, write about, and those things I Pin created the algorithm that put the Pin about not needing a niche at the top of my page.

So you might find some blog post ideas just by looking at your Pinterest feed but don’t stop there. We’re going to be looking specifically at:

  • Keyword Search
  • More Like This

Keyword Search. In a keyword search, we’re going to use Pinterest’s search bar to find topics to work from. Below is a search that I did using the words “content creation.”

As you can see, the top searches include content creation for Ideas, Instagram, Social Media, Photography, Tips, and others. From here, I could jump off on any of the search topics and start brainstorming ideas.

For instance, if I take the second item Instagram, I might brainstorm ideas such as how to create Instagram posts, how to use Instagram hashtag searches to determine the best content to post or most searched for content to post.

How about a content calendar for Instagram or how to create a consistent flow of Instagram content through weekly and monthly planning. How to use hashtags to get your content seen. Or even a list of social media content ideas to use across Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

The brainstorming ideas are endless, limited only by the amount of time you want to spend on this step. Once you finish brainstorming ideas you can pick one or more that you’d like to use or even combine ideas for a longer post.

More Like This: What if you wanted to ensure that the topic you were writing about was one that people were really interested in? Then it’s time to look at actual Pins and then see what shows up underneath them as “more like this.”

With the Instagram pins, I see one that sounds interesting–a calendar of Instagram post ideas that includes a different one for each day of the month. That Pin tells me that people are busy and need help coming up with their own content ideas. It also tells me that people appreciate calendars because they are easier to use than reading a full blog post.

From there it’s a jumping-off point on how to create my own calendar. Perhaps I’ll do a series of calendars on the content to create each month of the year, complete with hashtags to use. Or create one calendar that people can use to grow their Instagram audience or a challenge of different posts to capture each day.

Putting It Into Action

The next time you are struggling to come up with content ideas for your blog posts, try this Pinterest prescription.

  1. Type your subject or keywords into the Pinterest search bar.
  2. See what topics Pinterest shows as the top searches.
  3. Pick one or two of the topics that interest you.
  4. Set a timer for 15 minutes and start brainstorming ideas for one of the topics.
  5. Repeat step 4 for the other topic.
  6. Now go back to Pinterest and select one of the topics to see what Pins show up.
  7. Click on a Pin that interests you, but don’t click through. Instead, look at all the PIns below it, the ones under More Like This.
  8. Pick another Pin that interests you.
  9. Set a timer for 15 minutes and start brainstorming ideas from this subject.
  10. Now, go back to the ideas that you brainstormed from steps 4 and 5, combine them with the ideas from step 9 and see if you have topics that you want to write about or topics that you can combine to create longer posts.
  11. Make a list of future blog post ideas.

Once you have all of your ideas that you want to write future posts about, set them aside for another day. If you absolutely must create a post today for your blog then pick one of the smaller/shorter topics to use.

Save the rest for a future epic blog post day when you can sit down and create blog posts…or at least the outlines…from all of your ideas. We’ll visit how that looks in a future post.

In the meantime, how did your Pinterest brainstorming session go? Were you able to come up with multiple ideas for future blog posts?

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