You’ve thought about your dreams and goals. You thoughtfully looked for pictures and words to support your goals. And you even created a Vision Board but nothing happened. Nothing. And now you want to know how to unlock the secret behind Vision Boards.

There are several things that go into creating a successful Vision Board that not only looks right but also helps you to manifest your dreams. Goals. Plans. Vision. Action. Let’s break it down.


Planning out your goals is one of the most important steps of creating a successful Vision Board. You need to know where you’re going before you can create the board and manifest your dream.

What type of goals you want to have on your Vision Board is up to you. Do you want to plan out the next year? The next five years? Or focus on one smaller aspect of your life such as your career?

Look at the life or career or family, etc. that you want to create and then start setting your goals to getting there. It’s also important to make sure that these are your personal goals and not the dreams that someone else has for you.

Here are some ideas for Setting Goals. Although it was originally written in 2016, the ideas behind goal planning are timeless.


Once you’ve set your goals, you then have to create the plans that will get you there. What actions will you take? When will you take them? What steps need to come first before you can take the next ones? If it helps to plan it out in a calendar, then do so.

Read Plan A Date for It in order to find other tips for goal planning.


This is the fun part where you find the words and pictures that support your goals. Make sure that your pictures make sense to your goals. Don’t just select a picture that looks nice. You need to compare it to your goal and make sure it fits.

The same thing is true of the words, mantras, and affirmations that you pick. They need to match your goals and action plans. For instance, if the focus of your Vision Board is only to get healthy, then having an affirmation about financial abundance doesn’t go with the board.

On the other hand, if your Vision Board is a focus on the whole year and part of that focus includes both financial abundance and being healthy, then it does fit. The key to a Vision Board that works is having the pictures and words on the board fitting to the goals that you’ve made.

This is one of the areas that people really struggle with in creating their Vision Board. Ensuring the pictures, words, and affirmations fit the goals that they are trying to meet.

For a reminder on how to create a Vision Board, read Create a Portable Vision Board.


This is another area that some people struggle with. The action part that’s supposed to go along with meeting your goals. I know you’ve heard stories of people creating Vision Boards and putting them away and then years later pulling them out and realizing they met all their goals.

But what they aren’t sharing with you is all the hard work they put into meeting their goals. You can’t win the lottery without buying a ticket. You can’t hit the NYTimes Best Selling books chart without writing a book. And you can’t take a cross-country trip sitting on your couch thinking it.

The key to your Vision Board is that it does put your goals and plans in front of you to look at. By looking at the board each day and reading all your mantras and affirmations, you’re reminding yourself of what you want. And you are also training your brain to look for those opportunities that will put you closer to meeting those goals.

Your Vision Board supports you in your goals, reminds you of your intentions and what you want to manifest in your life. But through it all, you have to look at the action plan that you’ve created and take the first step. That’s how to unlock the secret behind your Vision Board.

For a reminder on this, you can look at the quote found in Do You Just Stare Up the Stairs?

You created a Vision Board but nothing happened. Nothing. And now you want to know how to unlock the secret behind Vision Boards? Take these steps. #VisionBoards #ManifestYourDream