Did you create a vision board but don’t feel comfortable putting it up? Or did you relegate it to a shelf in your bedroom and only look at it once a day, if that? Looking at your vision board daily is important to helping you meet your goals. Did you know that you can turn your home into a vision board?

When Chris and I moved to Florida our original intent was to move to a beach town. We were looking for work and the first jobs that we found were in Orlando so we moved there instead. Landlocked Orlando. The nearest beach was almost 2 hours away when the traffic is good. Do you know Florida traffic at all?

Not near the beach? I still wanted that beach vibe, so my house was filled with shells, pictures of beaches, and pelicans. And my small patio was full beach vibe. I had a bamboo screen, a mini palm tree, shells, rocks, lights, a seahorse mobile, and a pottery fish that I’d painted.

How to turn your home into a vision board beach vibe style

Every day that I looked at my patio, I was reminded of my goal to live near the beach. In Orlando, I was further from the beach than when I lived in Connecticut, so it was a great reminder. And below is my view now. We’re on an inlet to the Braden river which flows into the Manatee river (I can see where the two merge from our front door.) And better yet, now it’s only 20 minutes to the beach.

How to Use Your Home as a Vision Board

There are numerous things you can do to turn your home into your vision board. Pictures, word art, decorative pieces, furniture, and even feature walls can all be used to reflect your goals back at you.

Pictures / Word Art: Pictures work great if you have destination goals, whether a place to live or a place to vacation. They also work great when you want to have a specific house or even a specific room in your house. Want to have a specific job? Get a picture of the company you want to work for or the storefront you want to rent.

I love using pictures to set the scene for my beachy goals. There are pictures from previous vacations, a pelican picture that we picked up in St. Augustine, and even a tray that has flamingoes on it. I also use some of my own vision board wall collage art that I sell on Etsy.

Decorative Pieces: What accessories do you have in your home? Do they reflect your goals? Do your books reflect your goals? How about the little tchotchkes, bookends, and figurines you keep around your house? Think of all of the things you can use as decorations. Working on an accounting degree? What about an abacus on the bookshelf? Studying to be a doctor or a nurse? What about a stethoscope in that little nook? Travel the world? What about a globe?

There are so many different ways that you can put your goals in front of you while using accessories. I had shells, a bamboo screen, and a miniature palm tree.

Furniture: This works well if you’re looking to create a certain style. But can also be used to support other dreams. For instance, if you want to have a library in your house, but right now don’t have the room for one, how about getting that one piece of furniture that will create the exact effect you want.

Buy that bookcase if it fits. Or if you have a vision of the type of chair that you want in your library, then get it now. It will keep your goal in mind while you get to enjoy reading books in it.

Destinations can also be reflected through furniture. Want to live near the beach, then find some bamboo pieces for your home or patio. Want to live in the mountains, then maybe a piece of furniture built from logs or pine?

Feature Wall: A feature wall can be anything. It doesn’t just have to be paint or wall paper that differentiates that wall from the rest. Take one wall of your home and make it a showcase of your dreams. This is where you can place your pictures, decorative pieces, and furniture. Each time you sit in this area or look at it, you’re reminded of your goals. That’s what my patio was for me.

I’d love to hear what you’ve done to use your home as a reflection of your goals.