Sorry, if you came here because you think this is some kind of kinky game, that’s not what I had in mind.  Although, I guess you could play it that way because this is a game that you can play when you’re out on a date.  I first saw this game being played in the movie Date Night with Tina Fey and Steve Carrell.  The funniest scenes in the movie are when they are adlibbing the conversations of the people around them.  Learn how to train your imagination during a date night.

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Why Play Games Like This?

Playing games is crucial to being able to stoke your imagination.  I’ve written about it before in Use Your Imagination and How To Stimulate Your Imagination and other blog posts.  Using your imagination to think up different ways to use or spoon or what to do about a crack in the wall.  Usually, when we start a game like that, we’ll start with mundane things like eating with the spoon or putting spackle on a crack in the wall.  Eventually, like when you brainstorm, the more fantastic ideas start to come out.  Using the spoon like a microphone or to signal a plane with it.  Using peppermint gum to fill the crack so that people would smell the mint anytime they walked by the wall.

These types of games shake the cobwebs out of your brain and train your brain to look for the unique solution.  It’s in that way that we’re able to make new connections, create new things.  Did you ever watch the movie Apollo 13?  If not, you should.  If you don’t think astronauts and scientists are creative, then you need to watch the scene when ground control must magically invent a way to put a square filter into a round receptacle.  It’s never been done before because it was never needed before.  But in a time of crisis these men were able to work together to figure out something that would work.  That is creativity.  That is ingenuity.

The Restaurant Game

Ok.  We may not be Tina Fey or Steve Carrell but we can play this game anywhere.  In Date Night their characters do this in a restaurant.  They look at any couple at a table and play “what’s their story?”  They make up a story about the couple and then adlib what is being said.

It’s best if you do this with someone else, hence why it could be your own date night.  Look at another couple at a table and make up a story about them.  Who are they?  Why are they at that particular restaurant on that particular night?  What are they saying to each other and better yet, what are they thinking as they say it?  The whole process doesn’t have to be long and elaborate.  The whole point is to get the creative juices flowing in order to keep them fueled up for when you need them.

What other games or tricks have you tried to keep your imagination primed?