2024 is right around the corner. Have you planned for the new year? Have your friends? This is an updated post that I originally published in 2018. Six years ago! Before 2020 – the year that never was. If you haven’t been planning goals and think it’s time to get back on track, or you have been planning goals but need to update them or just update how you look at them, then this post is for you. Include your friends and you can plan a vision board party for New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day. Here’s how to make the perfect vision board gift basket for yourself or your friends and family.

To add to your gift, I’ve created a free 1-page Vision Board Printable with instructions on how to plan and how to create a Vision Board. You can add this to the gift in case your recipient never made a Vision Board before.

Moleskine Art Plus Japanese Album

This is my favorite notebook for creating a Portable Vision Board. Why create a Portable Vision Board? So you can take it with you. Throw it in your bag, your backpack, or put it in your back pocket. The notebook is accordion style, when you pull on the first page, the other pages follow behind it. This is the perfect medium for a kinesthetic learner, someone who likes to be more hands-on in how they learn things.


Pacon Foam Board

I also like to use foam board because its thickness and firmness allow you to stand it up on a bureau or nightstand without it flopping over. To have the best results, you should see your goals every day. The foam board allows you to put on your bureau and lean it up against the wall or mirror. The edges won’t droop and you’ll always be able to see your goals.

Quartet Bulletin Board

This bulletin board option is for the person who doesn’t want to have something permanent.  Either because they meet their goals quickly, change their goals regularly, or just feel tied down by a more permanent version. Goals sometimes change. For instance, you might have a goal of getting that coveted promotion. But what happens with your Vision Board once you get the job or you change industries and need to form completely new goals? A bulletin board easily allows you to swap out goals when these things happen. Just use colorful push pins to place your goals on your Vision Board.

There are so many options when it comes to motivational quotes to use on your Vision Boards. You can buy affirmation stickers like these. You can write them onto your board with markers or you can find words and images to use from a magazine. I like these cards because the sayings are not too specific so they can fit onto a variety of Vision Boards. If these stickers don’t say what you want, then you can always order this 96-pack Shimmer Metallic Paper and then write your own affirmations and mantras.


Either you already have magazines or you need to get a supply.  Here’s a quick link to find the magazines that you want. You will want to cut pictures, words, and phrases out of these magazines to use on your vision board. Many times, it’s the ads in the magazines that have the best pictures and even the best sayings. So make sure you look at every page.

Elmer’s  Glitter Glue Pen Set

Glitter glue pens are great for anyone who is a visual or kinesthetic learner. It’s fun to see your goals written out in glitter glue. And because the glue creates a raised pattern, the kinesthetic learner will be able to run their fingers over it to better remember their goals.

Washi Tape Set Gold Recollections

I love Washi Tape. You can use it to create borders, highlight special goals, or use it to craft numbers or words. Vision Board can be pretty, too. And using the tape to highlight an important goal will draw your eyes to it.

Dual Brush Pens Art Marker

I love these dual-brush markers. One side is a brush marker and the other is a fine tip. Use it to paint a picture if you can’t find what you’re looking for. The markers are watercolors that you can blend to find that perfect shade. You can switch back and forth between the brush tip and the fine-point tip.

Hyacinth Wicker Basket with Handles

I love the size and the handles on this wicker basket. Perfect to hold the gift you are giving and it’s still useful afterward. All the supplies for Vision Board making can be kept in this one basket and used again. Why would you want to use it again? Goals are met or changed. When that happens you can either update your current vision board or make a completely new one. No need to go searching for supplies when they are already gathered together in a basket like this.


Here is a free printable 10 Steps To Make A Vision Board. You can print this out, roll it up, and tie it with a ribbon to include in your gift basket. When printing, select the option to “Fit to Page” and then you can decide on Letter or Legal.

This Vision Board gift basket is perfect for that friend who always likes to set goals. Or someone who sometimes needs to be reminded to stay on track. And also for someone who already knows and loves Vision Boards. A Vision Board is not a one-time, make-it-and-forget-it thing. These are active tools that help us meet our goals and need to be updated or remade as our goals are met or changed.

Not sure what to buy the person who has everything?  Then gift them with something that will help them plan for the future. Here's how to make the perfect Vision Board gift basket. #visionboard #goals