With June coming up quickly, it’s time to look at another chapter in Cheryl Richardson’s The Art of Extreme Self-Care. This month we learn how to create an absolute no list. That list of things we no longer want to do or be responsible for.

Cheryl created this list as an expansion or the next iteration of her Absolute Yes List. That list asked people to think about what needed most of their attention, like family, relationships, etc., and to choose their top priorities in each category. And then, write down those top priority items in each category. For instance, maybe a top priority is always to attend a child’s soccer game. That becomes an absolute yes.

This month, we’re going to think about those things we no longer want to do. Those things that cause you anxiety. Those things that drain your energy. And even those things that steal your time but don’t benefit you. It’s a list of items you no longer want to do because you want to improve the quality of your life.

Some examples of items that might be an Absolute NO include: no longer eating meat, no longer tolerating gossip, no longer checking email several times a day, or no longer letting work steal your time away from children.

Your challenge this month is to create your own Absolute NO list (and we’ll also add in an Absolute YES list.) During the first week, you’ll be looking for those things that you no longer want to do while also separating out those things that are an Absolute YES.

Pay attention to how things make you feel. Do you feel anxious when doing something or feel tension creeping into your neck or shoulders? When that happens, add the item to a running list of No. Sometimes, there are things we still need to do for now because they are work-related or other items that are necessary for now. And we’ll also sort that out during the month.

The best way to use the calendar is to read all the items first.  Find out where you might need to make plans in advance, like making appointments.  Anywhere you are asked to read or watch something, click on the words to link to the item. Below is the calendar, and here is a link to the June Calendar of Absolute No!

Cheryl also recommends her book Time For Your Life in which she details more about the Absolute YES! list.