So, you’ve created your Vision Board and it has this year’s goals or your five-year plan on it and now it’s time to make some changes.  Maybe you’ve already met a goal or two, or maybe your goals have changed.  And now, you want to know how do you update your vision board.  Or the question might even be why should you update your vision board?

If you came here looking to create a vision board, then I suggest reading What Is the Purpose of a Vision Board and Create a Portable Vision Board first.  This post is a follow-up to those previous posts.  

If you already have a vision board, there are a couple of reasons why you might want to update or change your vision board.

You Achieved Your Goal

Congratulations!  You’ve achieved your goal.  Now, what do you do?    There are two different ways you can go.  Both are permanent, one acknowledges that you met your goal, the other one moves you on to the next goal.

One is to use a permanent marker and check it off. Yes, that’s right.  Just check it off.  You might just feel better seeing that you’ve accomplished something. Go ahead and check off that item on your vision board. 

This option will work best for a Visual learner.  If that gives you satisfaction, seeing that you’ve accomplished something, then, by all means, check it off on your vision board. For a Kinesthetic learner, someone who likes action, the action of checking something off your to-do list will have an impact on you.

I recommend a darker permanent marker like these chisel-tip Sharpies. Because the tip will create a wider mark, it makes it easier to see that you’ve checked it off.

The second option is for those who like to move on to the next goal.  If this is you, then you are the type of person who needs to see the next goal.  So, it’s time to update your vision board.  You can do that by finding a new picture to represent your new goal and gluing that into place.  

Sometimes, your original pictures might be loose enough that you can remove the old ones first.  Or you can just glue a new picture over the top of it.  Works great if the pictures are the same size, but not so great if the new picture is smaller.

This is an easy fix. You can cover up the old picture first with some construction paper or old wrapping paper.  Or use glitter markers to cover over the part of the old picture that will be showing or even some Washi Tape or Duct Tape.  Yes, Duct Tape comes in fancy styles now.  

The Washi or Duct tape becomes a frame for your new picture.  Or, if you don’t have a new picture, but want to write a new goal, you’ll be able to do that right on the tape or construction paper with a permanent marker.

Your Goals Have Changed

Sometimes that happens.  Maybe you had goals lined up for getting promoted at work. Then either the company closed or you left the company to pursue a different career. Or better yet, you’ve gotten that new promotion and now have something new to focus on. All of which means, your goals don’t line up with your vision board anymore.  

Or you’ve decided you’re going to add in some new ones.  You might even realize that you didn’t set the right goals, so you need to change some things.  In this case, checking goals off that you didn’t meet or goals that aren’t appropriate right now isn’t the right way to go.  It might make you feel like you’re cheating, which in turn can lead you away from using the vision board.  

Better to change them out.  And if enough of them need to be changed, it might be time to remake the vision board.  No worries.  You’ve done it once, you’ll be able to do it again.

If you’re going to remake your vision board, you have choices.  You can either start over from scratch with a new portable vision board using the Moleskine Japanese Album.  

Or if you want to wait until the new year to start a new Vision Board then you can try redoing it by adding in some new pictures like above.  With a lot of changes, though, it might get sloppy.  Another option would be to make a vision board on some cardboard.  For those of you using the Portable Vision Board that we previously completed it will mean it won’t be portable anymore.  But you would still be able to see your new goals every day. 

And then there are those who might decide to make no changes and just wait until the end of the year.  And that’s ok, too.  Although, if most of your goals have completely changed because of a new job, or a move, etc. then I highly recommend making a change.

Personally, I’m in the first situation.  Some of my goals have changed and some have already been met sooner than planned.  Not enough to need a new vision board, but enough to make some changes in order to keep it current.  What about you?  Do you need to update your portable vision board?

updating your vision board