I struggled with this week’s theme for the Sunday Stills photo challenge. The subject was near and far. And I was trying to figure out how to do that. Do I take two pictures of one subject? A close-up and then a distance shot? Do I try to take a picture that has an object in the foreground and one in the background? How do I get near and far?

But as I was sitting at my writing desk, I looked at my bookcase. On top, among all the other pictures is a frame that hold’s a picture of my mother and father. In front are two feathers. Finding feathers at just the right time is a way that my family connects with those that have passed.

So far away but near to me in memories.


My father died in early December 1999. At Christmas, all of his children and grandchildren sat around in a circle in the house he built. We recounted stories of Dad and laughed and cried and laughed some more. And then it happened, as a group we all looked down on the floor and saw a feather, where none had been moments before. We all understood, at that moment, that Dad was content that his family was together.

And this past September, I was not able to be at my Mother’s interment. On our morning walk, while my husband and I were speaking of the planned service and how I felt about not being able to be there, we found the white feather that you see in the picture. It wasn’t just lying on the ground, instead, it was stuck in the ground standing straight up. There was no way that we could miss it.

At that moment, I realized my Mother was telling me it was ok.

I hope you enjoyed this near and far photo challenge. #SundayStills can be found on Terri’s Second Wind Leisure blog.

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