The fireworks from the 4th of July are mostly gone. The heat is heating up and setting records for the planet’s hottest daily temperature after already setting a record for the hottest June. No matter how hot it gets, the Baby Boomers continue to blog about what’s happening around them. Pass me some sweet tea as we check in with my Hot Blogging Boomers in the Summertime.

The other day a stray cat appeared in Laurie’s yard, the first she’s seen in twenty years. A beautiful white kitty, she (Laurie always assumes cats are girls) sat on the grass, looking almost regal. After reporting kitty to several local animal sites, Laurie tried to approach her with a plate of deli turkey. To her frustration, the cat bolted into the woods behind their house. Watching that kitty made Laurie think of another stray cat they once adopted named Ginger.

When Diane was 10 she received the ultimate gift. Well…ultimate to her. She was, after all…10. But it was hers for a very, very brief time. Then a lifetime later, someone, through an act both kind and surprising, managed to both alleviate a sad memory and create a whole new one. In short…they made good!

Have you tried anti-aging red light therapy devices or similar products for pain management? Rebecca Olkowski, with BabyBoomster.com has had the opportunity to take a look at a few which she discusses in her post Therapeutic At-Home Devices for Beauty and Pain: Do They Work?

Cutting up a pineapple is a great skill to have, but the desire to enjoy the delicious fruit can be thwarted by the inability to find one of quality. For tips, see Rita R. Robison’s, How to Pick Out a Pineapple.

Forget the small talk, Carol Cassara says on her blog this week….she wants to connect with your soul. Read her take, HERE.

Meryl Baer, of Musings of a Shore Life, enjoyed a few days of fun with her visiting family. They spent time on the beach, enjoyed local restaurants, took the dog to the dog park, and spent an evening on the Boardwalk. Baer describes her Boardwalk experience in this week’s post.