It’s a night of tricks or treats and although I love a good trick now and then, tonight I’ll go with treats. Blogs treats, that is. Please enjoy a treat of boomer blogs to read through before giving out your candy!

First up, let’s start with a real treat. Carol’s got another toothsome recipe for you this week on her blog. It’s a vegetarian tart with all sorts of Mediterranean veggies and she says it is both easy and yummy! Find it here and enjoy!

And more yummy goodness to enjoy as the cooler weather comes upon us, it’s time for some hearty soup. Rebecca Olkowski, with BabyBoomster.com, wants to share her recipe or Sardinian Style Minestrone. Sometimes, she even eats it for breakfast. Cook it on a stovetop or in a slow cooker and enjoy the goodness. Homemade minestrone is a key to Italian longevity.

While much of North American gears up for ‘ghost and ghoul’ night, Diane has been wandering down a different track: remembering her first Exposure to Opera. It probably wasn’t a place you would expect…Operahhhh!

Ever witness a battle so intense, so fraught with tension you can’t look? This is happening between Laurie Stone’s 80-something-year-old mother and a horde of insects. Growing up, her mother had always taught Laurie to love animals, to be gentle and kind to all — including bugs. But even her mom’s saint-like qualities are now being tested.

Halloween may be one day on the calendar, but Meryl Baer of Beach Boomer Bulletin discovered that holiday preparations begin weeks before. Events start more than a week before the big day. Baer found all this out on a visit to the grandkids, summarized in this week’s post, Halloween Madness Grandkid Style.

Emotions and vulnerable moments make people more susceptible to fraud, a study shows. Rita R. Robison, a consumer and personal finance journalist, offers tips for how to pay special attention and take extra precautions during those moments to recognize and avoid scammers’ attempts.

Tom from Sightings Over Sixty usually reads mysteries, and sometimes histories. But last week he was inspired to pick up a memoir about a mother and daughter, and as he tells us in For Women Only, his eyes were opened to a whole different kind of world.

I hope you enjoy these Boomer treats and if you haven’t seen my most recent post, then don’t forget that self-care is important, which I discussed in National Massage Therapy Awareness Week.