Whenever I read posts about blogging two of the main things they mention are content and niches.  Content is a no-brainer, if I don’t have blog posts why would you come to a blog?  But a Niche is a different thing.  A niche provides a category for your blog.  The only problem is that I was having problems pegging my niche.  Do I really have a niche-less blog?

This is an updated version of a post created in September, 2018.

Thinking about this subject came up when I had to fill out a form for a blogging conference that I attended in September 2018. With my friend Elena, we went to Activate: EBA Live 2018 which was hosted by Elite Blog Academy. I was excited to attend my first blogging conference.  But one of the things I needed to do to prep for it was to fill out a form that asked me about my blog and my blog niche. 

There were a lot of options to choose from but none of them fit my blog at all.  I write some travel posts, but I’m not a travel blogger.  I write some blogging posts but I’m not a blogging blogger. (How do you like that alliteration?)  And I write some posts about midlife, but I’m not really a midlife blogger.

Some of the categories that I could pick from were fitness, faith, craft, fashion, relationship, mommy/daddy, education, retirement, books, photography, and even finances and personal development among others.  But I certainly don’t fit into any of those categories.

I blog about starting over and trying new things.  I blog about creativity and creative inspiration.  And I blog about setting goals and creating Vision Boards.  Not a single one of these subjects were on the list of niches.  I eventually picked midlife because I personally am in my midlife and most of my Starting Over interviews are about midlife women who are starting over after a fulfilling career or an empty nest.  But I really didn’t feel comfortable saying I was a midlife blogger when it’s not my main topic.

Then I read somewhere that if you don’t blog about all the other categories that you are probably a lifestyle blogger.  Say what?  I blog about creative inspiration and trying new things.  How is that lifestyle? But according to MediaKix, a lifestyle blogger is someone who “…writes, creates, and publishes (multi)media content on various aspects of their daily lives.”   

Is that really me?  I guess?? When I write about creative inspiration I share what works for me.  When I write about Vision Boards, I share how I create mine.  And when I write about Starting Over and trying new things, I’ve also include posts on new things that I’ve tried.

But still, for some reason, the broad term “lifestyle blogger” didn’t feel like it fit me at all.  My friend Elena told me to not get bogged down by what my niche is but to focus on my ideal reader, my customer Avatar. Basically, the person that I’m writing the blog for.  That one person that I speak to.  She pointed out that my ideal reader was all that I needed to worry about, but if I needed a label then I was a midlife lifestyle change blogger. 

Hi, my name is Jennifer and I’m a midlife lifestyle change blogger and vision board coach.