Creative inspiration is a topic that I love to write about each month.  In the past, I used to do a weekly creativity prompt, but since I stopped doing a Friday post, I haven’t done any in a few months.  But I think creativity prompts are useful, fun and (of course) inspiring.  In the past, I’ve written whole posts on just a quote or picture.  I’ve also written some terrible crap based on creativity prompts, but at least I was writing.  Did you say more creativity prompts?  I hope you did because you’ll find scenarios, pictures, and quotes to choose from.

If you think creativity/writing prompts are a waste of time then stop that thinking.  Prompts get the creative juices flowing.  Sometimes you’re able to create a whole story or blog post or painting from one prompt.  Or maybe you flesh out a small part of a larger piece of work with a creativity prompt.  And maybe all you did was create something that you won’t use now or even ever.  And that’s ok.  If all they’ve done is get you unstuck or remind you that art can be fun or thoughtful or deep or personal or…then a creativity prompt has done its job.

I like to call them creativity prompts because I don’t believe that only writers benefit from them.  Any type of artist can be inspired by a quote or a phrase.  It’s not just for writers.  To that end, here are a bunch of creativity prompts. Some are quotes, some are situations or thoughts, some ask some deep questions and some are pictures.  Pick and choose what you like or take the time to do one a day.

The first couple of prompts might be considered journal prompts but they can also get at the heart of why you’re procrastinating or remind you why you started in the first place.

Write about what you’re putting off and why.  What’s that project that you know you should be working on but you either can’t seem to get it started or can’t finish it.  Write about the block, the procrastination.  What’s stopping you?

Write a letter to an artist who inspired you.  It could be a writer, painter, photographer, basket weaver, etc.  Who inspired you to become an artist?  Tell them what drew you to their work and why it made you want to be like them.  Try to cite a specific piece that spoke to you.

I also love to use pictures as prompts.  And I love taking unusual pictures or pictures make me think of other worlds.

Doors to other worlds.  Here are two different kinds of doors.  One is truly my imagination and the other is from a cemetery.  Where does your imagination take you with these doors?

Fairy door creativity prompt on UnfoldAndBegin.com
the door into the earth creativity prompt on UnfoldAndBegin.com

I use quotes a lot.  If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you might remember my Wednesday Whoa posts which were all created based on a prompt that matched the theme for the week.  Whole posts were developed just from one quote and it’s one of my favorite ways to start a blog post when I’m not sure what to write about.

These next few prompts are from the man who inspires me the most.  I discovered his paintings when I was a young teenager.  They drew me in with their explosion of color and movement.  But only recently did I discover his words in the form of letters to his brother Theo.  The book Vincent Van Gogh: Creative Inspiration juxtaposes snippets of his letters against his work.  Not his full-fledged paintings but the sketches and drawings he created and practiced.

What I think is the best life, oh without even the slightest shadow of a doubt, is a life made up of long years of being in touch with nature out of doors — and with the something on high — unfathomable, “awfully Unnameable” because one can’t find a name for it — above that nature.

Vincent Van Gogh

I‘d rather paint people’s eyes than cathedrals, for there’s something in the eyes that isn’t in the cathedral — although it’s solemn and although it’s impressive — to my mind the soul of a person…is more interesting.

Vincent Van Gogh

And now just a couple of more to close it out.

What were you just daydreaming about?  I know you were, there’s a lot in this post to get your imagination going.  So exactly what were you dreaming about?  Write it down.

What was your favorite childhood toy? Write a story in which you find that toy 50 years later.  What are your thoughts?  What do you do?

I hope you enjoyed going through these creativity prompts.  And I truly hope you found something that inspired you.  Please link it up if you post something that you’ve created.

did you say more creativity prompts on UnfoldAndBegin.com