Daydreaming is an important part of creativity.  It frees your mind and allows that anything is possible.  Once anything is possible—then you can let your creativity flow.  So start with some daydream believing or do you call it fantasy?

Daydreaming is good for you.  It allows your mind to connect and take apart and reconnect different things that may not even make sense in the “real world.”  It allows for creation by not filtering or editing.  That’s huge for an artist, but also huge for anyone.  Imagine not editing or self-correcting yourself as you’re trying to come up with a solution?  It also allows you to connect bits of data that you never considered together before, which in turn allows daydreaming to pave the way for that “aha” moment.

Deliberate or constructive daydreaming appears to work best.  This is when you are deliberate about doing something mundane so that your mind can incubate any ideas you already have.  Many artists and writers speak of major breakthroughs that happened while washing the dishes or walking the dog.  They didn’t stop thinking about their piece, but it wasn’t the central thought in their mind.

The next time you’re struggling with a piece that you’re working on, take a mundane task break and start daydreaming.  Wash the dishes, walk the dog, fold some laundry, dust or vacuum.  Then let your mind wander and tell us what “aha” hit you.

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